ready to go big.

ok, so I have been yoyoing for almost a year now and I am done doing single tricks! haha! what are the tricks I need to learn to be able to do a really cool combo?? I also feel that when I compare my yoyoing to some of the vids you guys put up…im reallllyyy slow!! any help please:)

this is really all you need: trapeze(n’bro) double or nothing, green triangle, and some basic slacks and the classics. i myself just do random things, and from there i develop it into a trick. good luck!

Try and get some inspiration. Go to youtube and type in Yoyo Tutorials. You’ll find thousands of results for you to learn. And you make them by combining elements that go well. Use the slacks you’ve learned to make a whip combo. Alexis JV has a ----- video about a slack combo. has some different tuts you might be able to learn somthin cool there

look up the roulette ( i think thats how you spell it :/) its a great trick to throw into any combo.

you just take all those single tricks and put them together with smooth movements.