New cool tricks to learn?

So, I realized that I need to start practicing more and learning new tricks. Older tricks like ladder escape and Plan D just don’t seem as impressive to me anymore. Anyone wanna recommend me any tricks?

so the tricks you mentioned are pretty techy… maybe you want to learn some different types of tricks.
maybe some speedy combos like these:

or something more slacky like: (this guy actually has a lot of nice stuff to learn check it out!)

there are a lot of tutorials out there^^just look through them

Aaron Davis has some awesome tutorials rolling out for some awesome tricks like areoslacktyl. plus mrmatio has some awesome speed combos and such that maybe you should look at.

Search for Saint Petersburg Yoyo School on Youtube. You can also search for Terra Yoyo Tutorials (a playlist of tutorials created by the same channel). There’s plenty of good tricks from all kinds of skilled throwers. You can try taking certain elements from different tricks and changing them a little, rearranging them, doing them backwards if possible, or making your own based off of a movement you like to create your own tricks The possibilities are endless. (I honestly am not too good at this myself, but just try to have fun learning new tricks. Otherwise, why yo-yo in the first place?) :slight_smile: