New Tricks


Hey guys I’m at a plateau with my yoyo tricks, and I’m not seeing anymore improvement. What I want to know is what are some tricks that have different and new elements I can learn. I’d like to learn Slack and any kind of tech type tricks. Anything really I just want to get better.


Check out cabin tutorials and mr Matio on YouTube. Both have great combos and tricks. Or start trying to make your own :wink:


Would stuff like Brent Stole fall into the category you are looking for, or more stuff like a Candy Rain?


Try to learn some of Zach Gormley’s stuff. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.


What tricks do you know or like?
That would help us make suggestions.


Check out Janos Karancz, or janiyoyo94 on youtube.


Candy rain 3 on the one drop tutorials. Check that out.