Tricks to learn for someone in a slump

Hey guys, I’ve been yoyoing for about 7 years now but over the last 2 or 3 years I’ve noticed that I’ve barely been progressing and if anything I am regressing with my yoyoing ability. I yoyo everyday but I don’t really make up tricks anymore. Every time I try to it ends up being a very simple trick that is just a glorified double or nothing. I see videos of people who started yoyoing years after me and they are way better than I ever was and it can get very discouraging. So my question is, can anyone recommend me a few tricks to help me? My school is having a talent show soon and I would love to participate but I can’t preform for 3-4 minutes without repeating a lot of tricks. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

Try doing some awesome slacks tricks like follow and Brent stole those flashy tricks usually get a crowd roaring as well as Eli hops the easy yet cleanly executed tricks usually are the best to do.

You could make videos of each trick you do: then critique everything; say to yourself,“hmm… i’m not very clean with that trick, how do i smooth that trick?” “Could i make that trick better” etc.

I like this idea, I used to do something similar when i first started.

I find that most tricks people make up tend to be a collection of small variations of tricks they already know.

Thus, the best way to begin making up tricks again is to learn new tricks and then “play around” with them after you know the trick.

In terms of these new tricks to learn, why not check out my tutorial thread?,72490.0.html

Hope that helps

I’ve learned a few tricks in the last few days and it has helped a lot. I’ll be sure to check out your tutorials!

Watch this I always watch this when I’m in a slump its a real eye opener its made by a fellow forum member BYYS Semi tutorial Tips for creating original tr…:


This is a great video, thanks for sharing it!