I'm stuck.

I’m sure you hear this a lot but im kinda stuck trick wise. I’ve gotten up to black hops and I can do and whut but I think I would need to watch the video a few more times to get the idea, and that’s like, after a year or so of being REALLY into yoyos. I feel stuck mostly because I see these videos of other people just like, nailing slack tricks and wrist mount stuff, stuff I’m struggling with. Anyone has any tips?

Convincing yourself that you’re the best yoyoer in the world and you won’t be overwhelmed by jealousness of others’ skills.

It’s working for me.

XD!!! I like it! XD I just might do that. XD

Don’t focus on getting to a certain level as far as tricks go. Learn what you can and have fun doing it. If you feel stuck or frustrated just move on to a different trick, come back to it later with a fresh perspective.

This works for me. Just stop even thinking about a trick you’re having trouble with and move on to something else. Later you’ll come back to it, and a fresh set of eyes never hurt anything.

Yeah those are both really good points.

Try making your own tricks—it makes me feel cool :smiley:

thats what ive done,boosts some good throw confidence,and i know a good amount of tricks,that are well known,but most of my arsenal is home made fun. and i agree with going back and learning tricks that have made you incredibly frustrated,slacks are not an easy thing to get the hang of,jyou just gotta keep at it,and learn the basics,what i have done to get over some whippy or slacky humps is to just take it piece by piece.maybe disect the trick and just cut it into parts and just master one point of a slack or whip or w/e. and install it into other tricks that you already know.makes it alil easier to be more comfortable because your integrating into what you already have accomplished. just take it a throw ata time my friend.

I liked what you said. I do try and make my own tricks, but I just don’t know a lot to give myself an edge to make my own. Like, wrist mount usually always ends in a knot, and slack trips i’m starting to get the hang of. I’m strating today to do trial and error and, like, writing down tricks to lead into others, like a combo list, and that’s helping a lot too.

I find that I’m reaching a plateau as a new player too :[ I kinda just throw my yoyo at my bed and call it quits for a minute and consult the forum as well LOL. Glad I’m not the only one.

No that’s what I do. XD I’m a whiner. I whine to the forms about a lot and all these people have to deal with me. But No, I’ve done the same trick combo like, maybe 6 dozen times today, after doing it almost all day yesterday after work. It’s relaxing and i’m deffently knowing my tricks.

i have my own note book as well,it does help keep an idea straight,because it gives you a chance to mentally understand what your aiming for. brandon vu had a video once and i try and tell other what his words were,just do what you normally wouldnt,move this string here,place a finger here, put it on the outside than on the inside,swing counter clockwise than clockwise. you’ll be surprised what you can come with. when you look at some videos of tricks,and your jaw drops with a huge WTfudge floating in your brain,you’ll make your own eventually,trust me. Back on the whips and slacks, the pinching is always a big part in the positioning of the slack trick.pinch too far, not enough room for slack,too close slap your knuckles,i also use different lengths of string on different throws for different tricks,which thts also when the notebook helps as well.some things become easier with ail more or alil less room. string wise of course. you have more than one yoyo,experiment it up. ;D

When I’m really stuck, I’ll spend a day or two on a different style. Being able to draw elements and ideas from the other styles can help your creativity immensely.

This. Try learning mobius. Seriously.

I have been learning mobious it’s really cool and as far as videos went, I really liked his when he was using the go pro cause I got them easier.