I feel like I'm just stuck!! Help


I started to get into yo-yoing a couple years back and lost touch for about three years or so, and i picked one up again about 3-4 months ago. I had a dark magic and that was pretty much it and I’ve gotten a couple of other yoyos since. I feel like i have improved GREATLY. I only got up to barely intermediate level I’d say, but now i feel like I’m advanced. Right now I’m stuck and i can’t really tell that I’m getting any better, and it is kind of frustrating me. I feel like I’ve been the same for a couple of weeks, like thats the maximum “goodness” level i can get to. Has anyone else felt like this? :frowning:


A lot of people get yoyo blocks. A few weeks is nothing, some people have one for a few months, myself included.

Helps to take a little break from yoyoing for a week or so. Also helps to watch a lot of yoyo videos and take elements from others, but I guess that’s a little too advanced for you ATM.

Some people say it helps to try a different style for a bit too, although that’s never worked for me but it might for you


Well, yeah I experienced that a little when I was at your level, but it’s not like you have a lack of tricks to learn. If they seem too hard, just work on that trick over and over.


try stuff you KNOW is too hard for you.
this is the best way that anyone gets better at anything ever.

you might find its not actually all that much ‘too hard’ or maybe you’ll mess up and find inspiration in a simpler version of your own creation


update: 2 1/2 years later. my skill level has gotten tons better, but still stuck in a creative rut. I struggle a lot with coming up with fresh, original ideas. are there any creative outlets/advice that can help? I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. much appreciated!


I’m pretty much the same as you. I’m not a creative guy, I just steal elements from other people and modify and incorporate it into my own stuff :wink:

Mrmatio is a great source for tricks and elements to break down


Try and find others to throw with…
After throwing for 2 years totally alone (cue the violins!), I recently went to my first competition - not to compete - but just to be around others that yoyo. It was a great experience! I left there with two new binds and a handful of elements to work on. Seeing others throw (and throw WELL), in person was a HUGE motivation for me! Good luck!!


Don’t mean to revive an old thread but what I’m currently feeling applies in a sense…more of hitting a frustration and what feels like a “disability” to learn tricks these days.

I did somewhat slack off the past couple months as I felt like I somewhat was beginning to lose an interest in throwing for a couple reasons - lack of progress, drama among a group/virtual club I was with (don’t want to go into details but it was demotivating after being back stabbed), getting wrapped up in my new job (which is a good thing), and then getting sick. Just after the holidays I picked back up and had come up with a couple tricks at the start of the new year. You may have noticed you hadn’t even seen me around the forums much for a while.

Fast forward to now - I’ve moved on with things with that community, and have gotten back into the swing of things with throwing as far as interest goes routinely throwing on my 2 15-minute breaks in the middle of an empty amusement park (it’s the off-season) :slight_smile:

One trick that’s sparked my interest and has also been driving me up the wall lately (for the past 2 months and not even a 3rd of the way through) is Even Nagao’s Porygon. I’ve taken breaks on it and tried to come back, have had others try and show me and still keep repeating the same mistakes which is honestly a tad depressing.

Fast forward, let’s try to learn something simple like Takeshi Triangle. I lost track of how many times I had to keep replaying the video only to once again repeat the same mistake. I finally just decided to “forget it” and come here to vent. Feels like I’m suffering from what they call “CRS” or “Cant remember…stuff (to say it politely)” :slight_smile:

Times like these when you begin to feel like you’ve hit a plateau progress-wise and you find yourself either getting into a mount that you have no clue what to do with it other than do what looks like a big mess with no actual thought or you get into the mount only to find yourself getting out of it instead of making use of what you got into.


I cannot really help with your problem, as I am nowhere near that good, but some positivity can help reengergize you sometimes. I wanted to say thank you, as you are the guy that created a new escape from the wrist mount and showed everyone, and gave us the spirit bomb/magic trick combo. So cool and I am sure it has inspired others. Just keep on rockin man, I know you will get back to it and have fun again. People are watching and we are inspired by what you have come up with.



I doubt that it was smooth sailing for the pros! You just got to stick with it and you will get better! It’s not a race :).


Take video(of your self yoyoing) right now and in a month or so take another video and compare them ,you’ll see the difference. :wink:


I was told enjoy the fun of playing WITH the Yoyo and No matter what I go through frustration is NOT AN OPTION! Since this new attitude adoption I’ve progressed big-time!!!


+1 on this. You need to enjoy throwing. I’m no pro, yoyo should be fun, as we are playing with a toy. I try to focus on enjoying playing and just letting my mind wander and explore while I play. I am likely the least creative person on the forums, but, I throw for me.

All that said, whenever I feel a 1A rut, I turn to fixed axle or responsive play. Something about getting my knuckles busted for playing sloppy seems to help.


Combine what you know into a a longer string tricks.

i.e. Matrix to cold fusion, to a whatever, and your new fancier bind. Add another if you can.

Take a new move or element to you, and build it into a trick where it fits, or make up your own.

I’ve been doing this lately, it’s fun, but I often ponder what I want to combine. Sometimes you make a decision and just go with it, there’s so many options!