Tricks. I am not very good. any tips. more info inside..

So yes. I have been yoyoing a total of… about 2 years almost…

1 and 11 months about…

So, anyways.

I have been playing unresponsive, I know how a yoyo works (if you understand what the term means) I know lots of modifications, I paint yoyos, and make string, so on and so on…


I have found that im not a really good yoyoer. For a start, I have made up, maybe 2-3 simple tricks (green triangles, twisting hoping stuff)…

I have seen some “under 6 months” yoyo battles and stuff, and they were better than I am now.

I have watched all sorts of “how to stay original” “how to make your own tricks” I have also watched lots of yoyo videos trying to get inspired/ideas to spark a new trick.

No luck…

I have heard from some people that I have a interesting/nice style… That’s a plus.

But whats a good style with no good tricks?

So. Does being a good yoyoer come with time, and how does making up tricks come?

And I am thinking that im not original or making lots of tricks, because I have learned a bunch and naturally go into a double or nothing and do some certian tricks…

Thanks guys in advance…


Most of you are going to say “have fun” and “I have been yoyoing 4 years and i cant do ladder escape and so on”

I know, I am asking for a answer to this question, not what I should do.

And I do enjoy yoyoing, but its more fun when your a tad better.

I’ve been yoyoing for the exact amount of time as you. :slight_smile:

Making up tricks just takes experimentation. Just try random elements. What I do is I watch my favorite players, and if I see something I like, I watch it carefully, and make up something from there.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but just have fun! That’s what yoyoing is about. :wink:

Just practice and experiment!

learn a new trick a day with a concept you are unfamiliar with.

then… as you separate learning new tricks from just creating your own combos, you’ll slowly incorporate the concepts with your flow.

this. is how you get better. persistence is key.

I decided that I wanted to have my own style completely, so I never learned any tricks beyond the basics. Can’t ladder escape, white Buddha, skin the gerbil, none of that stuff.

Best way of doing it? Probably not, but I figure that if I just try and come up with stuff without any outside influence, even though it might not be 100% original, I should have my own style.

I guess only time will tell how I get on. Been at it for about 9 months now and progress, whilst slow, is there.

The only advice I can give is try different things. Try stuff that feels really foreign. Make up your own tangled mounts, throw loops of string where you wouldn’t think to etc.

Apart from that it’s just practice practice. Sometimes I throw for hours on end and come up with nothing, other times I come up with something on the 2nd or 3rd throw. Just keep at it.

Also I’ve seen some of your stuff on #trickcircle and personally, I think you’re pretty damn good. :slight_smile:

Hey man!

Im kinda confused on what your asking :confused: Your *edit confused me :smiley: Are you saying you saying you want to get better by making up your own tricks, or how do you make your own tricks?


I’ve been doing this for nearly 2.5 years. I’m an “older” player.

First, everyone progresses at a different pace. Mine is exceptionally slow. I can’t do boing-e-boing, boomerang and a few other tricks. I can do GT’s, but I am currently learning spirit bomb and failing at that for now. I don’t care about my speed of progress. I got better stuff to worry about. It’s just exceedingly hard for me to learn these new skills. I’m still here. What does that say? Maybe it just says I’m stubborn. I skip what I can’t do for the time being. I can always move backwards in the trick list. I will learn those tricks in time.

Second: I haven’t made up any tricks. Well, nothing really original. Will I ever make up something? I don’t care. Maybe you shouldn’t care either. Not all of us are trick innovators. I didn’t see that being a requirement even in the fine print.

I don’t care where I rate against others. I don’t give a crap if others have been playing a short time and can smoke me blindfolded with a broken wrist. Some people are simply better than others at this. Then again, I don’t compete, don’t want to compete and have no desire to compete. I do this for me, not for YOU/the community.

Right now what you need, and what I need, is time. It takes TIME and patience and practice and perseverance to improve at this.

While I don’t progress, I work on what I do know and make it better. Despite not learning new stuff, refining what you know is still progress. Sometimes it’s not about that, sometimes it’s just about wearing out a string and decompressing and so progress isn’t a factor for me all the time. My enjoyment doesn’t change because I’m not making marked progress.

The bottom line is if you’re not enjoying this, do something else. Life is too short to waste on stuff you don’t enjoy. In the meantime, stop comparing yourself to others. You are you, you are your own reference standard. Other people’s progress is NOT your concern or problem. Just do your best and keep having fun. If you do that, you’ll be amazed at what you will accomplish.

You know, I just until recently had this exact problem, what I did? I began to look at yoyoing from an entirely new perspective, as if it were an art or something. Im not quite sure but after that I found myself enjoying it more as well as being more original. Creating tricks and style is just something that takes time, as someone above said, the best way to do it is to take elements and concepts from who you are inspired by, and learn them and do whatever you want to them, just expirement. I hope that helped, I can infer further if you would like! ;D

Thank you. You answered my question, but I would like some more post like this.

Studio42, stop it, just stop.

You don’t need to get mad, and get off topic. My edit… read it please.

I have more time to yoyo, some days, I can do it all day because there is nothing else to do. So I want to progress in the time I yoyo, not just yoyo doing the same thing.

I want to compete, I want to go to more contests, I want to be good, I want to have fun, I want to be sponsored ( oops <<)… hehehehehehehe.

So yeah. Thank you.

And you

Thank you…

I stayed on your topic and answered your question. What you did was deploy a trap for yourself. You want help but you don’t want to hear the help you actually need.

Your “edit” was also worthless. It just helped restate that you don’t want to listen to the advice you need to listen to. You also didn’t clarify your true intents. It makes a bit difference. It reminds me of those posts of “Hey, I want to buy a new yoyo, what should I get?” that are all the rage right now, and then we have to do the proverbial teeth pulling to get things like budget and preferences out of people in order to make more educated recommendations.

Your answer is “what to do”. I answered with what to do, which also answered your question, which to me, was tied together. What you need still is TIME and practice and experience and patience. It sounds like you’re lacking in all 4 areas. As for myself, I have all but the time factor,m which reduces the time to practice, and couple that with having a very difficult time learning new elements.

Clarity up front leads to better results. If your goal is to compete, it still applies: time, practice, patience and experience. Don’t worry about making up new stuff. It will come to you when it comes to you. Be ready for it and be prepared to document it. Forcing creativity I find is effectively a useless venture. Creativity happens on its own terms. Forcing creativity isn’t creativity, it’s “manufacturing”.

Sorry I was unable to answer the question by answering the question.

Bc, you really need to listen to Studio42 here. He’s not trying to be mean or put you down or anything like that. He is just trying to explain that you shouldn’t worry so much or care so much. At least that’s what I got out of it.

Just chillax brah.

Agreed. He’s just trying to help.

Calm down Bc…

I’m kinda on your side here. I’ve been yoyoing since the Summer of '11, but I took a break from 2011’s Christmas to 2012’s Halloween, so I’ve been throwing for 1 year, and roughly 3 months ish. I am alright i’d say for being 13, but there are 10 year old’s who are quintuply better than I am. But, I don’t throw for the prizes or sponsors, I do it because no matter how good you are the community will accept you.