So…i can pretty much do any master trick if i practice like 4 hours on it,but its so boring…how can i come up with my own stuff…i dont really know where to go from here.-DONT SEND ME BRANDONS VIDEO,OK? :d

One of the main points of learning the tricks on the list was to teach you different elements. Try using these ideas together to make your own. Start off with any mount (I would suggest a double or nothing) and try hitting strings you normally wouldn’t go for. At first it might seem weird, but you will get the hang of making your own tricks and combos :slight_smile:

So, I actually haven’t learned all the YYE tricks but learned most of them which gives a pretty solid foundation for one to work with and create their own. Take an element from a trick that you like, do it, see where it gets you, and try something else.

It’s been a year that I’ve actually realized there’s more to yoyoing than a set list of tricks and that everyone is creating their own. I wondered the same thing of how does one create something. The more variety of tricks you learn, the more range you’ll have with creating your own.

How I thought of it then when I realized the trick creation process - Think of it as legos. Each element can be seen as certain type of lego brick. The more different types of bricks you have in your pile, the “cooler” things you can make.

Moving forward I decided to subscribe to a few different Youtube channels that focus on showing trick tutorials and breakdowns of a pro player’s combo. Even though I haven’t learned the whole trick, I’ll find an element I think looks cool and focus on that part and once I can do that I’ll mess around until I find something that fits with it.

Zammy has a good video on here that also explains the trick creation process too. This can be found here:,62066.0.html

All solid advice which I will try to embrace. However, I clicked on the topic thinking it would be a discussion about an existing or upcoming fixed axle yoyo :scream:

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i dont really know when my tricks look good cuz yeah-i cant see them from the front neither i can film myself…also,what are some good tricks to learn from this site/

I usually start by choosing a certain element like slacks or rejections and I build the entire trick around that. There are some days where I dont need to do that and it just comes naturally and there are some days where even this strategy doesn’t work, but it usually works well for when you’re lacking inspiration. Let’s say you want to start a trick on a double or nothing. Pick a element that interests you and try applying it to the double or nothing, like do a magic drop but instead of catching it on the string go completely past the string and over your non throw hand finger and see where that takes you. That’s what I’m working on now, at least. Some elements that would look cool in a trick are slacks, rejections, suicides, whips, Janos’ string flick thing that looks like an injection but isn’t, etc. Basically just start doing something that feels good and interests you and see where it takes you.

Have you tried yoyoing in front of a mirror?

I suck at rejections-WHEN I DO MAGIC DROP,IT REJECTS-but,BUT-i dont keep that piece of string on my hand that forms the L at the end :frowning:

The key to elements like magic drop is knowing how they work. Once you know the mechanism behind rejections you’ll be able to do magic drops and any other rejection-based trick easily. Magic drops work because the spin of the yoyo forces the string out of the gap because you’re holding the string almost perpendicular to the angle of the yoyo against the inner wall of the yoyo, and it becomes possible for the yoyo to force the string out. I dunno how much that made sense, but I hope it helped. Basically, just angle the string in a way so that it’s perpendicular to the angle of the yoyo when the yoyo is in front of your hand but hasn’t touched the string yet.

And how do i keep the string around my fingers at that time? TY btw!

Doesn’t matter if the tricks you create aren’t super flashy or cool looking, the tricks you create will get better with time and it is better to focus on doing tricks you enjoy doing than ones that you think may look cool (e.g. I find tricks where one move flows into the next to be more fun than more stop and start tricks).

I don’t think you’re supposed to. If you do it right you should get a string configuration that is throw hand middle finger (start of string) inwards and over your throw hand wrist, around it, then to your non throw hand thumb and index (I like to insert the thumb to space it out) and then to your throw hand index finger and onto itself (the yoyo). The L shape doesn’t stay there after you reject. Hope that helped!

Not gettin that either,and …what do you mean the strin should be perpendicular to the angle before it hits my hand?I know what perpendicular means ,tho,a photo would help here.

Me too ;D (But as I also have troubles with trick creation, it wasn’t a wasted click.)

Got magic drop down perfectly-ty,now i still dont know what tricks to learn-can do kamikaze,hourglass,but…they seem boring,any ideea?Maybe Yellow Airplanes or Superman?


I think the only advice I can give you is;

Keep throwing, Find a new place, a new pace, a new condition, new people to show your tricks.
If you are bored, than throw something different.

Yoyoing is about how you express yourself, so it is your tricks, you and yours only.
sure you can learn something from someone, but you will ended up always doing it differently, curling your fingers differently, placing the string differently, and so on.

Learn 2a. You will not master it in 4 hours so you have something to do in a few years.

if you find the tricks boring after learning them, then maybe you should find something else enjoyable. You seem to find yo-yoing boring.

Here you can either start learning more advanced tricks or spend your time making your own tricks. I remember I started making my own before I was done learning all the advanced/master level tricks and now I don’t really enjoy tutorials anymore. I find the fun of yoyoing in finding new elements and developing my style. Try picking a certain type of style to work yourself towards, like “I wanna be a super technical player, so I’ll learn a bunch of super technical tricks and base my own tricks on elements that those teach me” or something. You can also move to more advanced tutorials like CLYW cabin tutorials. Those are fun. Also try looking at some tutorials by mrmatio. He has tutorials for tricks by a lot of people with a lot of different styles. Find a type of trick you like or a player who you really enjoy imitating and build yourself off of that.

So back when I first got into yoyoing I practiced a lot of tricks on here for about 2 years, progressed very slowly. 2 whole years and my best trick was Kwijibo. I felt like everything from there on was over my head and I didn’t think much or know much about creating tricks so 2012 I took a long break. I still threw here and there but not like I normally would as I had temporarily lost interest. Spring 2015 I decided to dust off the yoyos and picked up a new one while I was visiting the Duncan cart down at Disneyland (RIP). When I got back from my trip I decided to start learning some new things, or see what was available to learn/what would make sense to me. It wasn’t until after BAC 2015 I realized all these cool tricks I saw everyone doing were ones they made up and not from a set list of tricks. Since I’ve learned a lot and while I have my creative blocks, it’s been hard for yoyoing to get fully stale to where I lose interest.

With this said, the YYE tutorials are good, but check out some others as well as there may be some easy enough elements for you to try and mix with what you learned from YYE.