Im stuck

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Im stuck where i am. i mean im in kind of a funk its just i used to everyday boom boom boom learn like 2-5 new tricks and now, nothing. i dont throw anymore, i dont learn any more tricks, i just dont find it fun. yoyoing has lost its spark. What can i do to reignite my love for it cause i dont want to give it up.


I always feel like this. Literally. Just watch videos, and get inspiration from them and try different elements. I’m sure you will come up with some new stuff. :slight_smile:


Buy a new yoyo. Or seven. Or thirty.

That happened to me a month ago when i realized i know all the 1a tricks on the site that are cool. Then i started 5a. Also, i started getting into modding like doin satins and custom counterweights and yoyo finishes.


I’ve played guitar for a long time and this happens every so often. It seems to me that I will feel that I’m lacking the creativity and then that makes me lose the drive to create and practice like I normally would. After that I will take a break for awhile. The break isn’t for a set time, I just naturally go back to it. Everytime this happens I have a period of intense learning and start sorting things out that I didn’t think of before. Kind of a new and fresh perspective. Im sure everyone with a creative mind goes through this from time to time and yoyoing is certainly an outlet for creativity. I don’t think anybody here would deny that.

My advice- Don’t give up, take a break if needed, and if you are serious you will naturally migrate back to it.


Good advice here.


Put down that yo-yo and go outside. There is a place called a world out there.


I used to do this with video games, I would have a lot of trouble completing a level, so I took a brake and when came back to it I could beat the game.

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Think back when you started yoyoing or started anything really. You start with the basics and find them fairly easy to master then as you progress you continue to challenge yourself with more difficult tasks requiring a more indepth knowledge and more refined skills. The learning doesn’t stop but the progress slows as you improve.

If you consider a vehicle parked at the top of a steep long hill, it’s easy to start rolling, when it hits the bottom things flatten out a bit and it slows down. When it hits the next long steep hill more work is needed to get to the top. Reach the top and it’s coasting time again.

That’s how I view learing almost anything. You just have to keep going to get any where. Sometimes you’re climbing a hill, slow in the flats, or ripping downhill!


I find walking away from something for a bit can help pull someone back to it. Either that or it’s a one-way trip.

If you love it, you’ll come back to it. If you don’t, well, you won’t. But if you do walk away, you may be able to get some fresh perspective which can help you get back into it.

I do so many different things that I can’t just hardcore focus on anything for a lot of time, But I know the idea. When I was doing modem R&D, that burned me out serious. When I was on the road touring, it burned me out so much that honestly, I hate travel now. Even my annual trip to Disneyland, I dread the drive there and back. I hate flying, but we gotta do that for the Walt Disney World trip.(well, that and back problems make being still for long periods uncomfortable.). However, I was on the road doing sound and I LOVE doing sound.

So, walk away. Take a break. Get some perspective. I hope you come back, and come back soon!

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thanks ive decided to stop taking it so seriously and just do it as a very casual hobby for now. right now im focused on the upcoming ski season! so excited!


i literally just came out of a funk. for the whole summer i touched a yoyo like ten times. then one day a week ago i picked up a yoyo and started again.


Take a break, buy a new throw, try a new style, watch a video, yoyo related or not… Anything with something new or that takes your mind away for a little bit