Help, I'm trick plateauing!

What do I do if I feel like every new trick I’m trying to learn is becoming impossible, whenever I learn something new it’s like one day I can get it and the next day it’s like I never did. HELP!

What section are on? I felt like that when i hit the advanced section pt. 1 but it took a bit but now i can do most of them and i can do laceration from pt.2 and working on cold fusion.

Yeah that’s where I am now, It’s so frustrating man, jeez.

The way I see it, there are three options.

  1. Just step away for awhile. Take a break from yoyoing for a couple days. Trust me. It helps.
  2. Stop trying to learn new tricks, and just slow down to work on the ones you learned before, but never had quite perfect. Maybe it will help you figure out the part of the current trick you’re stuck on.
  3. Make up your own tricks. Test your own creativity instead of learning from tutorials. You get the satisfying feeling of completing one when you make one, and none of the angry feeling after you mess up, because you can’t really mess up.
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I agree with this. Also, I mostly learn 2 tricks at a time so I can practice them both when I get impatient or so.
Another thing my teacher tells me is: Before things get better, things go bad.
Just need practice it over and over. And don’t feel guilty for asking questions about the tricks ;D

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What tricks are you having trouble with exactly? Maybe we could give you some pointers…

I’m getting mauled alive by kwijibo, and suicides. It’s like I hit it once a day and after that it’s nearly impossible, I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Don’t forget there are other tutorial sites. Some of those might be in a more comfortable skill level and will let you have some good fun while learning new elements that might be applicable to your current roadblocks!

There’s a stack of’em at and although there are fewer, I like the ones at as well. And that’s just two. Alexis JV has some good ones on YouTube. Heck, all kinds of people have good ones on YouTube.

Doesn’t hurt to also get “lessons” from other teachers online. Maybe the way Miguel Correa teaches Kwyjibo will work better for you:

Oh dude thanks a million! I needed someone to help me with each step!

The one part I’m having the most trouble with is the first hop, the rest I can do pretty easy, anyone have tips on how to?

Sure. Let the bottom arm cross over… it’ll do its own thing without giving it any further thought. The top one that intercepts the string is all you really need to think about. Pass it just under the yoyo and the yoyo won’t have much choice but to go on the string.

Don’t think “catch it on the string after crossing” or you’ll be going down the wrong path. Think, “intercept the string and let the tension force the yoyo onto the string”. It’s the crossing that puts the yoyo on the string, not a “catch”.

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It worked dude! I’m hitting it like 7 out of 10 times now!

Awesome! You did something for me, too! I only had my fixed-axle TMBR Baldwin next to me and I wanted to just make sure I was giving good advice before I clicked the “post” button, so I grabbed it, went “meh, whatever, it’ll give me the right idea.”

Threw a trapeze then landed a cross-arm hop to a sweet stall!!! I looked at my hands and went, “No. WAY!”

Happy moment. :wink:

Then I failed at the regen out of it, but it didn’t matter. Was so cool anyhow.

Learn a new style. I had that happen, now I am learning 3a 4a and 5a :).