Stop making excuses for yourself when wanting to learn a new trick!

Alright I have been noticing a lot when I want to learn a new trick and I look at a tutorial and watch the Yoyo trick I always notice there I 1 element that throws me off and I think “oh that trick is to hard I can’t learn that!” so I don’t learn the trick. even though later in the day I realize I am perfectly able to learn that trick i just saw but it just seems to hard when it isn’t. When I know I can learn it. And the thing is I’m probably am not the only one that thinks like this either some of you probably reading this are think the same as well when you seem something you want to learn. And now I have been noticing it’s been what’s keeping me from progressing in becoming a better yoyoer. So from this day foreword every trick I see or want to learn. I will give a try at learning the yoyo trick even when it seems “too hard” or looks like it. So I challenge some my of my fellow forum members to do the same because some of you guys probably make similar excuses. On why you can learn blank Yoyo trick. Even though you Probably can learn that trick you just don’t want to pit the effort in to learning the trick.


I will admit Abby I have do e this several different times. But I’m with you from now on ill at least give each trick a try

The first trick I remember doing this with was UFO! I tried it like once and blew it off!

Later I was starting the advanced tricks and went back to UFO for fun. It was a piece of cake!

Moral of the story? Skip it for a while if it’s really tough, but don’t forget it because you will grow and the trick will stay the same. When you return to it, you will surprise yourself.

Two things.

I’ve actually never done that, aside from when I was starting out and looking at things like hourglass.

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As a yoyo player, you just have to get your mechanics down. That’s why it’s alright to skip a trick for a bit but make sure you come back to it.

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Fantastic post Abi, I know that there are a few tricks I’ve given up on myself because I can’t be bothered to spent hours of frustration on learning them. Consider your advice noted. :slight_smile:

Haha. I do the same thing. Sometimes I will look at a trick and if it looks too complicated I don’t even try it due to laziness. Then one day I will be motivated and realize that the trick is actually not so bad and I learn it rather quickly. Gotta stop being so lazy!

Well usually I try to learn it, and then it ends up being too hard anyways. However, sometimes I looked at tricks that SEEMED complicated, but they were a piece of cake. It just depends what trick you’re attempting. Although I see your point, I think attempting tutorials towards your range of ability is good, but having a challenge is always a good step forward :slight_smile:

Four words:

Cabin Tutorials: Organic Airbags


yeah sorry late at night and making a topic on my iPod probably wasn’t the best idea.

It’s better to have tried and failed then to not tried at all!

There is no need to fully commit to learning a trick until you have first done a trial run. At the same time, there is no need to completely master every trick you come across.

I tend to learn the basic mechanics/sequence of a trick before deciding if I want to continue working on it. It breaks up the monotony of failing over and over… I’d much rather try and fail on 3 different tricks/combos for an hour than just one.



and organic airbags… I’m sorry, but… lol…