I’ve hit a bump in yoyoing. I haven’t learned a new trick in like 2 weeks. It’s getting too hard for me and I have had thoughts about stopping. I don’t want to stop though. Any advice?


Push on through. Just force yourself to keep learning. There is nothing wrong with not learning, but learning new tricks is fun, so I say keep trying to learn new things. The only way to get over your fears is to face them head on!


Just practice the tricks you already know, I haven’t learned a new tricks in a month or so… But it’s fun to try new mounts and stuff.


You don’t need to worry about quitting. Just take a small break. Sometimes I take breaks from yoyoing for a week. You shouldn’t force yourself to yoyo or learn new tricks, just do it for fun.


buy a new yoyo or trade for one.


Trade your chief to me.


what tutorials are you using? if you are using just the yoyoexpert tuts, which are great, you need to realize that there are lots of other ones out there. If you look im sure you can find stuff thats not too hard, yet still new. Check out the rethinkyoyo site or alexjv on youtube if you have not


I’ve used yoyoexpert tutorials, perfect elements on YouTube, the trick section on the forum, and other things I can’t think of right now. Mostly too technical for me or when I do do the trick, the yoyo binds and hits my hand and stops spinning.




don’t stop
duhhh :wink:

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There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks when it gets stagnant. More often than not, when you come back, there’s a new spark of inspiration that’ll keep you going until the next dry spell. Like anything, really, dry spells do happen, and more often than not, pushing through them by forcing yourself to throw can hurt you.


Take a little break for a few days. When you come back work on polishing the stuff you already know. Just play some for fun. Enjoy where you are.

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Learning simple tricks quickly is very satisfying. However, learning a tougher trick, working on it, working on it, practicing, getting the first piece then the next, and WHAM it all comes together! That’s an incredibly memorable moment! It’s such a great feeling and you only get to experience it if you stick with it.

Quitters never get it! (Don’t be that guy.)


For me all I Do is try mastering an easy. One that I could. Never figure out and then I usually put it in some-kind if of combo or something


or you could not quit suck up and do


There are a couple things to do, most have been mentioned but I’ll elaborate on some things I’ve tried.  First, work on the tricks you know.  Make them smooth, then make them smoother.  Every once in a while, go back to the more difficult trick and see if you can do it now.  Second, I’d try other tricks.  Don’t be afraid to go up the trick ladder and skip a few (if you’re following the YYE tutorials like I am).  Recently, I’ve become a big fan of the G2 yoyos tutorials on youtube (  Some are more challenging than others, but he uploads regularly so there’s always something to learn.  Also, Steve Brown’s project is a fun site.  The tricks are largely above my level, but they are creative and inspiring.  Lastly, if all else fails, take a break.  Whether for a day, a weekend, a month… whatever you need.

I know I’ve been there.  Hope I passed along some useful advice.


Don’t worry so much about learning new “tricks.”

practice different motions of your hands/arms/body with the yoyo.

Also, work on deconstructing tricks. If there’s something cool in a tech-trick that you like, see if you can break it down and find a simpler way to do the same motions.

You probably can most of the time, and when this happens, the results are VERY rewarding.