Hey, I’m new to yoyoing!


and I was wondering wether or not any of you have tips other than “Practice and learn new tricks” anything helps(for the most part)!


Practice the tried and true legacy, standard tricks and mounts. Most everything else incorporates them to some degree.

Practice is the key, there is no magic method.


Youtube has a lot of tricks, I like videos from MrYoYoThrower. When you get better, you should check out the Impressive Intermediate Tricks thread on here. The most important thing is to have fun!

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I’m a 6 month beginner. My best tips:
Practice and learn new tricks


This. All I would add is don’t torture yourself if you hit some trick elements that you can’t get, move on to what you enjoy, and revisit the harder stuff later. There are certain tricks I have tried and just abandoned because it felt more like work than fun. Other stuff I have worked on for ridiculously long times because I felt the trick was cool and it wasn’t frustrating to keep at it.


Thanks, If you have any other ideas for me please just put down. Anything helps!


I am back after about a 45 year break so I am pretty much a beginner myself. I agree with kevinm that no matter what it is you are doing, if you are doing it for fun when it stops being fun and becomes frustrating or just plain work either go do something you do well or put it away and come back later. I am just going down the list of 1st 50 tricks and learning to loop as well. I find it very satisfying to check one off and move to the next.


Well it’s good to hear that you are hopping back into it! I’m going down the list too! However I am mostly focusing on the 1A portion of it because that is what looks appealing to me. With the sage coming in soon I’m excited to continue my journey through Yoyoing!


Have fun. Always remember that a yoyo is a toy, always has been, and toys are meant to be used to have fun. If whatever you’re doing with it isn’t fun, find what is fun to do.

I’ve recently started to think about videoing some “stupid repeater” tricks that I do. They’re not that complicated, but I have fun with them :slight_smile:


I’d second Mr. YYT.

The videos are well organized, and he is encouraging you to incorporate the elements into your own ideas at the get go. They’re not always the standard tricks, but that’s not a bad thing.

Smooth stuff out before you move on. I write down my tricks and elements on cards(at least I did), but this isn’t so common.

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i too am back @55. it’s been more than 40 years since throwing yoyos. i started back in march and was amazed by the fact that i retained so much of the muscle memory and i was immediately able to do the looping tricks and some of the flag tricks and rock the baby stuff that i did as a youngster. but i was clueless on the 1a stuff, so i bought a orbis 5 here @ YYE. i couldn’t bind. i couldn’t even land on the trapeze. now i am up to working on black hops, and i have about 20 1a tricks that i am getting pretty good on including kamakazi, cold fusion, matrix, mcbrides rollercoaster, rewind, and some others. i’m loving this hobby, it’s a lot of practice, a lot of repetition for sure, but when you land a new harder trick, well i don’t know about the rest of you but when i land a new harder trick it’s a pretty cool happy dance this old man does out of shear elation for getting it. when i see a trick here in the learning center, i take the hard aspects of that trick and start learning the moves while throwing the tricks i know and love adding in the parts that i am learning. then when i start hitting those i start to put the entire trick together. i pick from the tricks here in the learning center by looking at them and picking one that looks cool first then it has to have a part in it that i want to learn, and i’ll go from there. it is so much fun. i wont lie though. it can be frustrating at times. when i get frustrated now, i stop and take a break. after a couple hours i’ll start again and usually land what was frustrating me earlier. keep it fun.