Tips for beginners?


What tips, techniques, or tricks helped you as a beginner? What should a beginner focus on to progress to the next level? Thanks.

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  1. Have fun. People actually forget this one at times.
  2. Have a good throw, both forward and break away.
  3. The tutorials on this site will give you a good foundation, introducing you to concepts and some cool looking moves. Always be ready to experiment and say what if I did this differently, when you are enjoying someone else’s tricks.
  4. I repeat have fun.
  5. Some responsive play is always a plus in my book. Traditional simple tricks like walk the dog, rock the baby, Eiffel tower, scissors, are always crowd pleasers.
  6. Most importantly make your experience your own and in case I didn’t mention it, have fun.


#1 and #4 are most important… I sometimes do #5 in order to continue doing #1 and #4.

Seriously though, work on a good throw and start working the learn section on this site. Make sure you can nail all the various mounts consistently… i.e. trapeze, 1.5, double or nothing, houdini mount, etc… Work on that double or nothing until you can do it with your eyes closed!

And don’t get discouraged when you get to wrist mount tricks… it’ll be knot city for a while! lol


Carry your yoyo everywhere and throw it whenever possible - even if only a few minutes’ time window.

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I’m pretty sure you forgot to mention “Have fun” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


It’s a toy, never forget that. Have fun (as Skirtz already mentioned)! And my favorite advice I have ever been given, plastic yoyos hurt less when you smack your self.


I agree, as so many have said “HAVE FUN”. This is play first and skill second.
After fun remember the first trick we all learn; develop a good strong sleeper.
Everything else will come in time.

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yes they hurt a lot less.

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Oh yeah tips for beginners…plastic costs less and hurts less, metal costs more and hurts a lot more! Food for thought…have FUN!


Practice can’t emphasize this enough I have up on many tricks because I didn’t have the patience for them but I picked them up again and I’ve landed them and if you get stuck just work on other things don’t frustrate yourself trying to get one thing down.


Go slow, keep string parallel to bearing. Use opposite forces to achieve moves you wish, also remember its all about physics. The harder your throw, the quicker and easier you can control the yoyo… Yoyo can seem complex, but its really just mini precision moves orchestrated fluidly in a motion of art. Enjoy every moment!!

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I don’t know if anyone else has said this yet, but remember to:
When yoyoing becomes a chore you lose touch with what’s important; having fun, making new friends, and sharing your passion for yoyoing with the masses
Also if you don’t get a trick, don’t get mad and quit go on to a different trick, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with some practice.
And if all else fails ask for help on the forum, there are tons of awesome people on here that are willing to help you out with that trick you’re stuck on, reccomending a good yoyo, or tips to sharpen your skills.
And above all:

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The best tip I could give is not quit because you get frustrated with the yoyo. It’s never good to quit anything because of frustration. Just remember it is a toy and it is for fun


I’ll reiterate the “have fun!” advice from above.

Along those same lines, if you’re getting frustrated because you can’t seem to hit a certain trick, go back to a couple of your tried-and-true tricks, the ones you can hit every time. Play those for a few minutes, get your confidence back up, and then try your new trick again. Frustration is your enemy!

Also, know that you’re not usually going to hit a new trick on the first, second, or even third try. Some of those whips and suicides will take you 50+ throws to hit. Don’t be discouraged! You’ll be amazed at how consistent you get over time.

Oh, and have fun! :wink:


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