Yoyo Advice

Hey guys,
Share some yoyo advice for us. (only which is helping you with a yoyo)

Happy Throwing! =]

The best yo-yoing advice I can give:

Practice and make sure you are having fun!

Don’t give up. Try other yoyos, and meet some cool people on YYE :slight_smile:

Have Fun Throwing, <-- Also something you should do


The more you practice is the more you get well on yoyoing.

Happy Throwing! =]

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practice practice practice. and take your time dont try to learn it all at once. master one trick at a time.

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practice about 20 mins at a time. exstinsive practice can make your brain work too hard and will make your practice go to wast. have fun with stuff try things out and dont just have one hobbie.

keep it spinning

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Having a more expensive yoyo will not make you a better player.

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have a good time!!! if your not enjoying yourself how can ya learn anything? dont try too hard either. if you try way too hard your goin to give yourself a headache and get frustrated. also dont give up!! once you put together your first awesome trick it will feel great. well happy throwin dude!!

from my side
feel the throw…get more n more to your yoyo…what Ur doing n what Ur “YO” is giving back to u…
response time…etc… :slight_smile:

Always Have fun! If you just try and try you’ll get it eventually! Or you can Imporvise the trick!

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try to find a friend who is just as into yoyoing as you. They will help point out what you may be doing wrong a trick you are having trouble with.

Oh, and also dont be afraid to ask for help on the yoyoexpert forums or chat. The community here is great and will help you.

If yoyoing is chosen you to be a player, be with it!

Happy Throwing! =]

watch bind knots…they hurt!

If at first you don’t succeed…

Give me all your yo-yos, and take up skydiving :stuck_out_tongue:

If you practice a lot of yoyo tricks like crazy tricks, you will be
the best and the judge will go crazy.

Happy Throwing! =]