Give also some words.

Anyone here is currently in Expert 2 or Master?

Just give some tips or inspiration who is new in yo-yo.

Because I always hear and read Topics (Here or not) Asking how will you be good?.

So… My point (Okay? ;)) Just give some words so that they will be inspired or how they will “Finish” the race.

Since I post like like so. I give my own words.

Just play, Have fun, Try. Exaggerate :D, Be creative & Ask Questions. Don’t be like you know everything. Don’t be like a “Master”. And play what you want, want you to be.

So… start.

Don’t give up. Always try a trick, practice it a lot, even if it takes days.

Be creative once you make tricks, innovation makes anyone a great player.

um… dont think youre not good because your yoyo is a little cheaper then the others.

I’ll give you your first “Thank You”.

It’s really true.

“Think… outside… the box… Come up with something outrageously crazy and new. It might just put you on the map. ;)”

“Have fun. Nothing can make you more successful than doing something you enjoy doing.”

“Correct your mistakes. Practicing by itself will get you nowhere. You need to spot your mistakes and strive to correct them.”

“Never give up. If you’re stick at a trick or move, and you’re ready to give up, think back to when you started yo-yoing. Think of the joy of doing a trick you never thought you could do. Use that as a nudge that helps push you forward.”

practice, practice, and practice ;D