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I am kinda new to yoyo’ing I have had my first yoyo a DM for not quite two weeks. Anyway I was just looking for some good tips. I can do, Atomic bomb, Split the Atom, Double or nothing, Plastic Whip, Gyrscopic flop and some others. But I am having trouble getting my DM to play as well on tricks such as the Zipper or DR.Strange so I was wondering if you guys out there have some good tips for me. I tend do get discouraged after failing to much lol. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond.

This happened to me quite a bit when i started, dont get discoureged, as thats what the fun of yoyoing is. Getting the felling of acomplishment after you nail that trick. My tips for you are to keep trying and keep practicing. You can also watch yoyo videos to see the kind of styles that you may want to work on, smooth fast, stuff like that. The number one thing to doing any tricks is a good foundation, know the tricks that lead up to the next ones and have a strong throw. Good Luck, Have Fun,

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Thanks alot for the tips.

What rasta said just build up your foundation in terms of throwing which i think is the most important if you have a good throw the string stays more centered thus making tricks alot easier to do. Also try lubing your yoyo that sometimes help too. Always strive for perfection! Hope that helps!

Okay, so what you’re saying is, you’re a beginner. So what? There’s a reason yoyos are called “skill toys.” They take skill to use, and it takes time to develop those skills. I mean, if it all came easy, nobody would want to do it. It’d be flashy, but anybody could do it, so what makes us special? Learning to do something new with your yoyo makes you feel accomplished and awesome. So don’t get discouraged; be patient, because it will eventually come to you.

As far as tips go:

1.) Practice your throw more. You should be able to figure out what you do with your hands to make your yoyo straight, whether you’re throwing it forward or to the side. This works out well if you still need practice on your binds or snap-starting your yoyo, too. Throw it, assess what you need to change to get it straight, and bind it back up. If you fail, snap-start and bind again. Three necessary skills in one exercise!

2.) Get inspired. Find a favorite thrower (don’t worry, it’s not a contract). Look up videos of him/her throwing. You don’t have to pay attention to how they’re doing the tricks, necessarily. They’re not tutorials. Just enjoy how awesome they are. One of my favorite videos is Gerard Amento’s It’s Never Been Like That. His tricks aren’t going to win him Worlds, but the music, the kids, the bug, just Gerard’s whole chill attitude toward yoyoing just make me want to play.

3.) Pace yourself. You’re not going to do Ladder Escape this week. Probably not next week, either. If you keep trying to do it, you’re probably going to keep failing. And that’s not fun. And we’re here for fun! If you’re doing Trapeze, go for Double or Nothing. After Double or Nothing, try a Matrix. Try Kwyjibo. Nothing will make you want to learn the next trick quite like landing a new one. So take it in steps.

4.) Kind of related to 3, Benchmark yourself within tricks, rather than the tricks themselves. Kwyjibo starts with a trapeze, and then you do a strange maneuver into a 1 1/2 mount. It’s kind of hard to get down, but it doesn’t stop there. Then you have to kind of do the same thing backwards and go into a Double or Nothing. Needless to say, Kwyjibo takes a while to get down. So don’t tell yourself, “I can’t do Kwyjibo yet.” Say, “I can do Kwyjibo until the 1 1/2 mount. I’m almost there!” This sort of thinking makes it hard to stop throwing for the day, because you’re in a state of “Just one more try, just one more try.”

5.) Use YoYoExpert! This place is full of nice people who will listen to new players ask them for the 1000th time whether they should get a KK bearing or keep it stock. I guarantee that as long as you conduct yourself in a reasonable manner, you will get the help you seek here.

Not a lot of technical advice, but I’m just starting, too. So good luck, and stick with it!


Another thing that would help is to try to keep the strings aligned with the yoyo. (If you’ve taken geometry, then I can say this: keep the strings in the same plane as the gap of the yoyo when they are in or around the yoyo) If you haven’t taken geometry, just try to keep the strings in line with the yoyo so that they don’t rub the sides too much. That is probably why you have a bit of trouble with Zipper. :wink:

Yes I have taken some geometry that makes sense thanks. I assume that with practice on this particular trick it will become easier to keep the strings aligned with practice.

Hmmmm you just blew my post away, and i thought i did a good job lol.

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:stuck_out_tongue: I just took longer to say the same thing you did. Thanks, though. :wink:


Thanks alot man this really helps. 5 stars and a thanks