YoYo tips and tricks needed :)

Hello, I’ve been yoyoing for about a month, I’m very new to the yoyo world and yoyo itself. I have a yoyo jam speed maker :slight_smile: I like it. If anyone has any tips for me message me, I’d like to get some please :slight_smile: I’ll respond

Find somebody or some buddies to yoyo with.

Hey man, welcome to yoyoexpert!

What kinds of tips were you looking for?

I’m still relatively new in this scene but right off the bat my biggest piece of advice is to read read read. Research everything and go through the forums if you have questions. Brows through everyday to see whats going on and pick up info from the stuff other people are talking about.
If you’re wondering about a yoyo read reviews. Just going through reviews of yoyos you might be interested in can be very enlightening.
Other than that buy new yoyos when you can so you can get experience. Even if they’re just cheap ones its fun to mix it up and learn how different ones play.

Oh and keep practicing! :smiley:

I didn’t know if you wanted PM’s or not so you can message me if you’d prefer that over the thread.

start working on seasick now cause it will take months to get down.

but seriously, just make sure you have a good breakaway cause everything depends on it

1: Practice!

2: Practice!

3: Practice!

4: Practice some more!

I strongly advice that if you live in an area that has one, go out to any yoyo-related activities. I started my own yoyo meets. I am doing sound for contests. The local learning Express stores do YoLEX so I go to those. These are the best ways to meet people and get more skills. There’s always someone willing to help.

You’d be surprised what you’ll pick up just practicing on your own. I remember watching Andre’s vids and, while the tricks being discussed were interesting, I kept noticing how he would instinctively do cool binds and little psuedo-tricks while he was talking. I was really impressed by that and wondered how you would even learn that stuff since there’s no tutorials for it.

Fast forward a few months and just from practice, I started to do those same things without even trying to learn. It just happened. That seems to be the way I learn most tricks. At some point they just work.

Well, start by checking out the various sections here - tricks, videos, mods and maintenance. Lots of good info there. Then when you figure out what it is you don’t know, ask away.

The number one piece of advice I can give you is to have fun with it. It is not about winning or losing or mastering the hardest tricks or being a video star. Just yoyo. It is a toy after all.

Practice a lot and when practice becomes frustrating, stop and think about something else. Think about yoyoing in your down time, think about how tricks work and about new concepts.

Learn the basics, they are the groundwork for how far you can progress as a yoyoer, I remember skipping past tricks I deemed “uncool” or “too stupid” or “useless” that I end up having to go back and learn in order to understand a more complicated maneuver.

Inform yourself, lurk on the forums a lot, I barely posted in my first few months because all I wanted to do was soak up knowledge. Learn who gives out very valuable information and listen to them

I think that for much of my yoyoing career I have “Studied” yoyoing and it has helped so much. Researching yoyos and history of yoyos and the history of tricks and community members and the classics and the new stuff. It is all relevant and useful.

Learn from the mistakes of others. Be able to look at someone doing a trick, and visualize how you might do it better. (this one is more for advanced play, but it is something to keep in mind)

Get excited about yoyoing! The times when I have learned the most tricks is when I would look up some tutorial, learn it, and run in by my parents yelling “MOM! MOM! Look what I can do!” Showing people my tricks and having them be amazed brings pleasure to me and makes me want to keep yoyoing.

It is not about how many yoyos you have, or which ones, so long as you like them. I used to have a bunch of cheap plastics (and still do) and I love playing them. One of my favorite yoyos is the Duncan Metal Drifter. Not because of price or anything other than that it is a good yoyo.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Hope everyone enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll add to it later or something, but this should serve as a good basis for the beginning yoyoer even up to advanced.

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thank you for everyone who replied:) much appreciated :slight_smile: You can PM me for more tips:) thanks

hmm…if you wanna know how to yo yo. i have two words for you:

ele - phark.

true story.



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