Any tips on learning 1A Tricks?

I’d been yoyoing for almost a year, well i dont practice that much since im focusing on my engineering course. Sometimes I just dong get it when I watch yoyo vid. from youtube and the only hard trick (for me) I know is Yuuki slack :frowning: or green triangle

any help

Best way to learn would be to get out to some yoyo meets. If that’s not possible, you’re kind of just stuck watching as many different videos as you can of whatever trick you’re trying to learn.

If you can give us some particular tricks you’re having difficulty with, maybe we can offer some tips on those.


Im kinda stucked with the whole EXPERT part1 trick list an some advance part 2 and cant moved on to part 2 (i learned yuuki slack first because for me it looks so cool)

We have clubmeets here but I cant come because its saturday and i have classes :frowning:

Practice. Tricks take muscle memory and good hand eye coordination. The hand eye coordination is key to learning new tricks. The muscle memory will help you land the tricks more often. You aren’t going to get those without practice.

I wish there was some shortcut,. If you don’t have time to practice, it will be much harder to learn.

Thanks for all the advice

I know tricks from begginer to i might say advance part 2

but sometimes I dont know what the trick is called my body just do the trick anyway

And I know how to do it but sometimes , i cant recall it or something

My tip start small learn the basics and the easy stuff first so eventually you can learn the more complicated stuff with ease.

How dare you have a life beyond yoyo! :wink:

Life doesn’t always give us the time to review and practice the activities that we love. Sometimes priorities must be made and we have to take care of business. However, I’m sure you can find a moment here and there to take a breath and spin a yoyo.

Learning new skills isn’t always an option for everyone every day. Sometimes you have to be alright with just getting to throw for a few minutes, enjoy the feel of the yo in your hand, or even just the looks of the toy, knowing it’ll be there when you have the time.

When I get busy, I just throw what I know, increasing the quality of my performance. Sometimes when I feel the need to do something more, I just practice one part of a trick, knowing when time permits I will tackle the rest.

Yoyoing is experimentation, exploration, trial and error, vision, creativity, and practice. All take time. I believe that’s what makes it possible for so many to make it a life long activity.


  1. Keep a yoyo handy at all times. Maximize the opportunity to throw when possible.
  2. Have a plan. Know what you want to work on.
  3. Don’t have a plan. Throw what you know.
  4. Practice part of something new.
  5. Appreciate the moment. Enjoy getting to throw, not lamenting the moments you miss throwing.
  6. Have fun and keep in mind that you will have time later.
  7. If possible, work yoyoing into your daily schedule even if it’s only for a few minutes.

That’s all I’ve got! Good luck.


Thank you for all your responses , I really appreciate it !

BTW I have questions for you guys

For example

  1. What string length do you prefer to use?
  2. How many days/months/years does it take you to master all the trick in the Trick List of yoyoexpert or if you started before YYE, how did you find out that youre good enough to play for a competition.
  3. How do you memorize all the tricks, I can perform the trick when i see it but before that i cannot remember its name
  1. Just matters on your preference however most people have the sting to their chest
    2.depends on how fast of a learner you are some it takes 2 months others 2 years but generally you forget about the trick list after you learn the basics.
  2. Most of the tricks become muscle memory after a certain point and also if you don’t remember the Yoyo tricks name it probably means that it isn’t done enough or isn’t used often. Which is fine just means your creating a style.
  1. I’ve got mine tied up about 5cm above my belly button. But I’m one of those people who prefers a slightly longer string because I find shorter strings make the yoyos fly around a bit too quickly for my liking.

  2. I’m 2 years in and I still haven’t learned all the tricks on the YYE trick list. Got the basics down and then just didn’t really bother to learn the longer techy style tricks because I don’t find them fun or interesting enough to warrant the effort.

  3. You don’t really have to remember the names of anything really. As long as you remember how to perform the trick, you’re golden. To that end, it helps to keep a notebook where you jot down all the steps or to keep a collection of video clips of you doing different tricks. Sort of like a video journal.




well yuuki slack is actually pretty hard, so good job. i don’t know most of the tricks on yye mostly because i make up most of my own. practice practice practice is all i can say. Ive practiced for 4+ hours once, and it actually improved my skill quite a bit.

Thanks !

Ive been throwing a bit over a year and although i havent learned all the tricks i want, i have a good foundation of basics. Once i got the basics i worked hard to master them and make the tricks fluid and flowy. I recommend mastering your current tricks and when you feel like you need a new challenge or whatever, then learn some more tricks or try building your own combos. Persistence is key! Keep practicing, altering your speed and changing arm motions to try new things.

In the end, youre only as good as how much fun you have when you throw. You can always improve, but if you arent enjoying the moment, then what are you doing?