Brand new to yo-yo! What tricks should I try out?

Hi Everybody,

My name’s Josh and I just recently started yoyoing. I got a YYF Supernova from a friend and was looking for some tricks to start off with. Anything tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


P.S I’ve got the bind down.

If price was an issue for you I would switch yoyos and learn tricks. Once you stop hitting stuff then switch back… Just so you don’t ding it up. If price isn’t a factor for you then ding away because those aren’t rare and you could buy a new one. I think I remember that one being up there, right? Well I hate when people reply without answering the question so I’m going to say:
learn brain twister then man on trapeze… Go to the learn section on this site and go in order… Its hard at first but if your having trouble with a trick just move on to the next. It’s probably easier than you think though…

Oh yea and FORGET UFO. Just fix the tension of your string other ways… String off your finger and rub your fingers down the string…put back on… Once you get some tricks down go back to it if you haven’t learned the much easier ways of fixing the tension yet. Good luck!

I think you should try and learn double or nothing, because it’s not too hard, and it also can bring you into many other fun tricks.

Thanks for the help guys! This is a used yoyo I got from a friend that’s not perfect but in pretty good condition. I’m not too worried about damaging it considering I’m mostly practicing in places that are carpeted. I’ll definitely try those tricks though, thanks a lot for the help.

Learn man on flyinh trapeze and split the atom, theyre gateways to a ton of tricks

Definitely get a good trapeze down. And learn all the other mounts. Once you’ve got them down, the world is your oyster.


well, i would suggest that you mastered trapeze and double or nothing 1st, because that’s the foundations for all the tricks you gonna be learn later on . after that learn all type of diffrence Mounts and your good to go :wink:

You’ve received some really solid advice here and there isn’t anything I could say that would be at all anymore correct. So why in the world am I typing another reply? What I wish to add is I believe the tutorials found here under “Learn” progress in a very logical order that takes you naturally towards the next trick. I think it would serve you well to slide down through the tutorials and find where you are at with the tricks being taught. Once you find the place where André’s doing something you aren’t familiar with jump in and move on through from there.

If you are already binding you’re well on your way. And a Supernova throw to come right out of the starting gate with. That’s great! There are a lot of us who were throwing quite some time before we acquired a yo-yo that nice!

well first of all it depends on what you can do first of all i suggest some slack string tricks like revoultions and jade and iron whip

Nononononononononononononono. You got it all wrong.

Just go through the trick list, and besides that maybe get your basic mounts down (trapeze, double or nothing, one and a half mount, wrist mount, etc).

Just go through the trick list and you should be good. Trapeze and 1.5 mount are definitely good mounts to learn. Split the Atom is another nice trick to learn. The mount in it will lead you to many great front style trick.


When you have a very very solid bind down, I would suggest learning how to thumb or snap start your yoyo.

Being able to quickly wind up your yoyo is a big advantage when learning new tricks that you will inevitably stall out or knot up on.

New yo-er (?) here, too! Got a “New” Velocity and it’s set to responsive for now though I’m also pulling the pads back in and working on binding. Nailing the trapeze, a few slightly awkward Stop and Gos (one that burnt my finger good!). Nothing to add here by way of advice, but:

UFO is so fun! dcs937, wondering why you recommended forgetting it? Have to agree about the string off the yoyo, though. I tend to UFO too far in one direction or the other and eventually I just want a proper “reset”.

Thumb start, no problem with responsive… snap start, I just don’t get how to do it! And either way, can’t figure out for the life of me how to translate my mediocre spin into something I can bind off of. So weak, so very weak.

As far as snap starts go, I find I get a stronger spin if I pinch the top of the rim between my thumb and pointer finger, and put the index finger on the opposite side of the rim like this:

Hope that helps a bit.


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Well, if is about the thumb start then is easy , just put your TH up above your head and point your FH down, hold back the yoyo with your FH index fingers and press your FH thumb onto the MIDDLE of the yoyo hard and then release release the index finger , the yoyo will rewind 3/4 back into the strings and just wind it with your hand or sometime if you press the thumb hard enough the yoyo will wind all the way .
-Hope i can help out

That probably helps-- I can feel the yoyo being more stable in my hand in preparation for the snap. But my snap is pathetic and barely gets the thing spinning. :wink: I’ll keep at it, though. Cheers, Yuki!

As stated before, the tutorials under the learn section here on YYE are a very great place to start. Keep in mind that many of the tricks you learn in the beginner/intermediate level eventually branch off to more complicated tricks later on. So if you do venture off into the advanced sections and have trouble, make sure to review the beginner/intermediate tricks.

Here are some also great sites for you to check out: (has a lot of advanced stuff, scroll down for beginner) (Original trick posted everyday)

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Nice, Kei. I found “Lindey Loops” through one of those links (i think the rethink one), and am working on my Houdini and Double-or-Nothing. Seem like pretty solid starting points. :wink:

Amazing what a bit of patience and the willingness to throw something like Trapeze for an hour straight for a few days in a row will do. I’m in no rush to get to the super-fancy stuff; might as well enjoy the thrill of landing a Trapeze and throwaway dismount while such simple things are still thrilling!

Hey I’m glad to hear that! Keep throwing and having fun!
Keep me updated on your progress :wink: