New to yoyo.

I can so far just do your basic matrix , rewind, zipper and things around that skill level.(kwijibo is still hard for me)
are there any tricks and things you practiced most or RECOMMEND practicing a lot now to help me progress faster or prepare me for later?

What were your steps of learning things?

So far i have a YYF ONE, a OD Yelets(i love it), and i’m currently waiting on a first gen OD Rally(the green one). I cant wait.

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Hi brandon,

What I recommend doing is going down YYE’s tricklist until you reach Expert pt 2. A good rule of thumb is to not move onto the next trick until you can land the previous one 3 times in a row. Make sure not to skip tricks either, as the list builds upon itself.

As for what I recommend learning now;

-Get your binds consistant.
-Learn to fix string tension early (there are many ways to do this; look around for something you like)
-Snap start saves a ton of time.

PM me if you have any questions! Welcome!!

-Stephen F.

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You are making great progress! If you want to find some good tricks to learn, cold fusion, mcbride’s roller coaster, and Buddhas revenge are all good tricks to learn that will give you a good starting point for others. Also, skin the gerbil.

If you haven already, learn the mounts. Maybe not wrist,bit if you want go for that too.

I recommend learning one hit tricks like suicide, laceration, whip, ect. Learning the combo like tricks are ok but I found in the long run to be a total waste of my time since I do none of them anymore. Some of the combo like tricks have movements that are unique to the trick its self, learning those is a good thing, like sea sick, kwijibo, ect. Learning them more for the movement rather then the trick start to finish is what you want to do.
And of course binds, string tension tricks, and a fast way to start, I find a trick called trapeze wind(quik wind) to be the fastest smoothest looking way to bring your yoyo back up but it is also the hardest to learn if you have a huge gapped yoyo. I.e. your yelets. :wink:
Snap starts are alright but always look odd to me.

Just work on getting all of the tricks you already know super consistent and comfy, because these are your building blocks for everything down the road. Once you feel confident, learn some new tricks. There are loads of good tutorials on YT, like rethinkyoyo or the Cabin Tutorials once you get a little better. Also focus on making up your own tricks/combos and find your style.

Thank you guys so much for all the advice.
The yoyo community seems to be pretty awesome, much like the kendama community.

For now, just keep practicing. The YoYoExpert tricks list matches another trick list. The concept is a “First 50 tricks” to build your foundation and fundamentals, allowing you to then have the tools to make your own tricks.