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So I’ve been yoyoing for 2 months and want to no if I’m on track so what tricks (1a) should I know so please share what you guys were doing in this time thanks

Your enjoyment is all that matters.

Everybody moves at their own pace and it’s only just for fun, but you probably don’t want to hear some “everybody’s a winner” speech. Assuming you have an unresponsive yoyo and you’ve practiced ~an hour a day then you shoul be just getting to the advanced section(if your a good learner) or learning a good bind.

well I’m in advanced 2

Then good job :slight_smile:


Slow down, use commas and periods I can’t understand completely.

If you can bind and do trapeze at 2 months you’re already better than more than half the world. (Not the Yoyo world, but the whole world.)

I was working on loop the loop at 2 months so consider yourself on the right track baby. BUT, do not ever ever FREAKING EVER rush through the tricks. Work on them till they are done perfect before you move on. It really helped me when I was starting up unresponsive play to make sure I skipped no tricks until they were all nice and perfect for me before I moved on. Don’t skip them tricks homie, let them come; even if it takes weeks or even months. It’ll be worth it yo.

I don’t know where I am. I’m kinda stuck in Advanced 2, but also haven’t mastered all of Advanced 1 yet, but also have stuff down in the Expert section.

Been throwing just over 19 months and enjoying it. That’s all that matters!

thanks for the advice

I’ve been yoyoing for a little over 3 months and I’m on master tricks. I kinda skipped double suicide, but besides that I can preform the expert 2 tricks and below pretty smoothly. I have a lot of time to practice though.

Yoyoing is a good alternative to watching everything ever put on Netflix instant play.

crazy!2 month advance 2! I spent half a year on break away binding…
Now I have been to this game for three years, can make a free style in a week

My advice is counter to Nemyo’s.

Don’t force yourself to perfect a trick before moving on to the next one. Learn a variety. Techniques from one trick could help you do another trick better. Variety will keep you motivated, and it’ll be more fun as you learn.

You don’t want to go nutty, though. Getting through a trick once or twice doesn’t mean you’ve learned it. It just means you can add it as another thing to add to your practice (or as I call it, “having fun”) routine. Don’t add too many “I barely learned this” tricks to your practice at a time, or you won’t be able to remember them in order to practice them properly. :wink: The exact number of “new” tricks to be working on at a given time is entirely up to you, though.

Me, I learn a trick. Do it a few times, think “I got this!” Do it a few more times to prove it wasn’t a fluke, and ask myself “Do you get it? Do you know what needs to be done even if you’re not doing it all the time?” If the answer is “Yes”, I feel fine adding another new trick… if I"m interested in doing so.

SOme tricks are just so fun that you’ll do them over and over again anyhow. How many Ninja Vanishes have I done lately? A lot.

 I would say that you're progressing quite fast because I'm just a bit like Studio42.

 I have been yoyoing properly for about a year and a half and I can do most of the Advanced part 1, half of Advanced part 2 and a little bit of Expert part 1 and 2.  I can do Skin the Gerbil really well, the regular Wrist Mount and Gyro Flop quite well and I'm catching onto Suicide and Seasick.  I can also do the first part of Yuuki Slack (Trapeze to Double or Nothing.)

 My advice is slightly different though because I would say if you've been stuck on a trick unusually long then skip that and come back to it later once you've practiced other elements of other tricks which should make it easier.  The only tricks that I would say that you shouldn't skip at all are mounts/tricks that are used in loads of other tricks or tricks that introduce new elements that are really important and improve your yoyoing skills.  Some of these tricks include the trapeze, double or nothing, the split bottom mount or the one and a half mount.  Hope this helps  ;D

Ive been yoyoing just under 18 months and im ready for worlds at 2 monthes i finished all these tricks and moved on(ecept double suicide)