Trick List

What would be a good set of tricks to have with an unresponsive at around the 2 month mark of practice. Just to compare my own progression to give me motivation to keep going. Thank You.

The amount of time that has elapsed isn’t the deciding factor, it’s how much practice you fit into that time. If you only practiced for 1 hour a month then in 2 months time you could not even have learned to double-or-nothing properly. For someone with a full time job and family, 2 months worth of practice might mean Matrix and Kwijibo, whereas if you stuck someone in solitary confinement with nothing but a yoyo for 2 months, they’d probably know Jensen Kimmit Sandwich and Soiled Panties. :stuck_out_tongue:

So in other words, there is no “you should be this good in this amount of time” measuring stick. It’s all down to the individual and how much they practice. :slight_smile:


Gambit is 100% correct. It all depends on you. I started learning by going through YYE tutorials. Just do those and keep progressing at your own speed.

Technically, I have been yoyoing since I was in High School, but with all the stops and starts, I can’t even skin a gerbil yet…

I’ve been throwing for a little over 2 months now… the last month or so I’ve been hitting it pretty hard (well not too hard - I do have a full-time job in corp America, and three little kids ; )
The last handful of tricks I’ve picked up are Skin the Gerbil, Matrix, Cold Fusion, McBride’s Roller Coaster, Eli Hops, etc… and I have been struggling to try and get consistent with Magic Drop. (And I do mean struggling ! )
I’ve seen people mention Kwijibo a bunch lately - I think that will be next on my list… and at some point in the near future, I’d really like to learn Candy Rain. (Can anyone recommend other prerequisite tricks to learn first to make learning this one easier?)

Certainly everyone’s different in how quickly they learn, how often they throw, and what generally comes easy versus what doesn’t. I have a deep attention span, and tend to jump into new interests pretty heavily, but my ambition with yoyo is simply to have fun… so if I ever find myself getting frustrated while trying to learn a trick, then I know it’s time to put it down for a while.

What throws are you guys using?
I think mine might be holding me back.
That and a serious lack of skill :slight_smile:

I have 3 now… started with the Chico Bulldog 225 - that choice was driven by the fact that I was in Chico, CA, talking with the guy who designed it. Which was a big part of what sparked my interest in this hobby to begin with.
After getting more into it over the next month or so, based on recommendations in this forum, I picked up a Yoyo Empire RainFly (a bi-metal), which definitely helped me with learning more complicated tricks.
Just last week I got a Werrd Irony JPX (7075), which is even more stable than the RainFly. I absolutely love this yoyo… amazing quality, and it’s just a pleasure to throw.

To be fair, a better throw will certainly help facilitate learning tricks somewhat, but probably not enough to say that what you’re using now is “holding you back”. A great player can likely do the hardest tricks with almost any decent yoyo, and a beginner is a beginner no matter how amazing the yoyo is… for those of us in between, a great yoyo helps a little, but there’s no substitute for putting in the time to learn and practice.

Yeah, you’re right.
I’m just hoping that I can learn a little faster with a longer sleeping/more stable yoyo.
Also, I think it’s about time I bit the bullet and went unresponsive.

Having the trick Rewind somewhat mastered helped me immensely when I was learning Candy Rain!

/first post

Thanks - good suggestion!

A good long-sleeping unresponsive will certainly help a bit

I’ve been throwing for about 3 months and I use the trick ladder as my progress indicator. I’m up to Kwijibo and I’ve just started learning the wrist mount so I can star learning spirit bomb. Some tricks, like the hook, are so tough that I just set those aside until later and that’s OK. The goal is to have fun. Actually doing the trick ladder at a competition can come much later.

You’re doing great. Just have fun.

I don’t even know half the YYE tutorial tricks and I would consider myself fairly advanced. I know grandma kimmitt sandwich and a whole bunch of other hard tricks. I wouldn’t go by the tutorials as a measuring stick, just have fun and learn what you like.

Although the yoyo does not make the player (I can land every trick that I know on my speedaholic), when I went to my first metal (a shutter) I found that I was able to get many more tries per throw on tricks that I had yet to perfect. The stability definitely helped me learn tricks more quickly and prevented some practice sessions from becoming frustrating.

Ive been yoyoing for about 5 months but it feels like WAY more because I practice up to 4 hours a day. The time when I stopped learning the generic tricks was when I mastered Candy Rain

Ok one more thing is Grandma Kimmit Sandwich is one of my favorite tricks ;D

Me too. It’s probably top 10

I’d be curious to see an advanced yoyoer rate a bunch of the common ladder tricks from 1-10 in terms of difficulty. It would be interesting to get a sense of where some of the ones I see mentioned a lot fall within the continuum… for example, if Brain Twister were a ‘1.5’ and Ladder Escape were a ‘9.5’ … where would Candy Rain fall? Or Spirit Bomb? Etc…

Spirit bomb - 20/10 2hard4me

I’m using the surge. I wonder if the same for mine. I plan to buy a speedahollic soon though.
And thank you everyone for all the tips, and information. I definitely feel like I’m still In the beginning stage of yoyoing. I can most tricks on the first 2 yye tutorial levels. I definitely like the creativity that yoyo comes with by just having fun with it. I’ll take everyone’s advice and try not to worry so much about how good I am. Or should be at this stage. I’ll just go with the flow.