how long have you been yoyoing and what trick are you on tell me please.

well i am working slack trapeze and i have been yoyoing for 4 months. ;D
am i learning to slow? ???

Well, here’s how it was for me:
1996-2000, my best trick was Eiffel Tower and if I was lucky, an undermount. From there, I took a long break and picked up where I left off in 2009/2010 (primarily around May 2010) where I finally learned Brain Twister, Split the Atom, and much later that summer, breakaway. This past summer I finally nailed Boingy Boing. Currently, I’m just working on combos of tricks I already know. I need to look back through the advanced trick list here, see what I know and don’t know, and learn some more, then onto expert (which I know a few already).

With this said, it took a few months for me to even get a clean breakaway, yet I could do Plastic Whip and Gyro Flop. Side style tricks didn’t come until the beginning of 2011. In the end, everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Yoyo is like an open world/ sandbox game. You’re free to do your tricks and learn how you want, there is no real set order.

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thanks and by the way 1669 was the year i was born ;D

Dude you must be a legend.
Are you the world record for the longest human being?
You should also be the world record for the oldest human being for touching a keyboard and touching a yoyo.
Dang I would pay 1000 bucks to see you in action doing slack trapeze at the age of 400

7 months and 4 days.

Struggling on The Matrix. Probably gonna take me a couple of more weeks of practice to get it semi-acceptable.

well I’ve been able to do the basic gravity pull, forward pass, around the world, and such ever since I could remember but I have been yoyoing seriously and actually learning tricks for the past four months and right now I’m learning black hops. I have pretty much everything in advanced and most of the expert section down.

Ive been throwing for about a month now. My best tricks would be

-mcbrides rollercoaster
-Buddhas Revenge

Next tricks i plan on learning…



Me and my boys have been yoyo-ing since January. My older son was probably about 4 months into it when I taught him slack trapeze, so you’d be the same as him.

Recently, I’ve been trying to find interesting things to do from 1.5 mount. Here’s one trick that I learned recently that I’m trying to smooth out:

I’ve been yoyoing since roughtly 1995? Its been at least 15 years for myself.

The current tricks I am working on is sequal tricks from my previous 1a video and past tricks.


I have been yoyoing since March of 2010 and I know all the tricks on here except split the atom. That is just because I have never felt like watching the tut. I now just make up my own combos. In fact yesterday I made a sick mount.

a year and a couple months

I stopped learning tricks from tutorials very soon, or I just get elements or mounts on tutorials.

you shouldn’t allow yourself to get stuck on a trick, some tricks are going to be easy, some are going to be hard, and some of them won’t mean much to you once you’ve learned them.

for example, I never bothered learning magic drop because I wouldn’t know what to do with it, I don’t really like it and I don’t feel that I need to add that move to my “arsenal”.

what do you need the slack trapeze for? just keep going on learning new stuff, other stuff, and eventually, you’ll be able to do the slack trapeze later on without even working on it once.

go with what you feel you like, disregard the rest

play 5A ^^

I started like a year ago with a metal drifter, but i only did it for like a month then and all i learned was rock the baby and braintwister… Then I got a new yoyo like 2 months ago and now Ive learned most the tricks up to Boomerang :slight_smile:

For me 6months and working on ladder escape :slight_smile:

A month and a half, working on my Dr. Strange and Matrix with a Triple or Nothing

Sage advice right there. The other important thing to keep in mind is not to judge yourself based on others’ speed of progress. Everyone has their own individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning paces in everything in life, and yoyoing is no different. Believe me, you’re much better off taking your time and smoothing things out at your own pace rather than worrying about “keeping up” with everyone else.

Also, the advice about skipping tricks and coming back to them later is definitely great advice to follow. The layout of the Learn section isn’t so much of a rigid “training program” as it is a loose guideline. Very seldom do these tricks build upon each other past what you learn in the beginner and intermediate sections, so you’ll be alright to branch out and revisit it after getting some more tricks under your belt.

4 years in march. Just my own tricks I make up, If you want to learn some easy tricks go to my trick tutorial thread in the tricks section ;D

man, I must be slow as heck, then…1 and a half years, and I barely know offstring, though I’m decent at it, and I can only do the Martini and the Bow Tie with some extra stuff for 1A purposes…I’ll post a vid later for the trick, with my own add ons…but I must be slow…Dang it.

I started the year shinya kido won worlds around march or so… by the time worlds came around i was practicing the matrix… and fast foreward two more champions im doing my own things makin up my own tricks n stuff… still need to compete… possibly and the midwest classic or regionals… who knows

Since July of this year and I just finished Kwyjibo and Leg Wrap Trap. I want to learn better tricks but I don’t have time.

Started near the end of last schools year… Learned NIx on rethinkyoyo, peril, horizontal skin the gerbil, mostly just making up stuff. Not too shaby on offstring, I can do a double whip, triple reverse whip, sometimes behind the back whip… All just stuff that looks flashy.