How am I doing? (Evaluate yourself!)

Im at 6-7 months and id consider myself a pretty fast yoyoer. I still unfortunetely havent finished the ladder yet though. I gave up on magic drop, which i need to go back to. I quit spirit bomb a while back, and am looking forward to learn mickeys speed combo and skin the hamster, which i will look into after this post. I need to learn more tech, slack and whips. My grinds are coming along.

I had this idea for a thread as i was thinking how i was doing and daydreaming about how my contest freestyle would look like once im good enough to compete in a year (i hope :P) So evaluate yourself guys! ;D

The thing I’m struggling with would be slacks. I just never seem to have the string tension for it when I need it, and even when I do, it just doesn’t click for me. I find them hard to practice because it’s tough to see how you’re missing it, and it’s really easy to get knots on the way.

But I think I am doing very well with big, flowy tricks and flow in general. I work hard at being smooth even if I’m not very technical and I think it looks nice on camera. Grinds came really easily to me as well, and I can usually set one up on a whim during a combo however I like and get good, stable grinds and transfers.

What I’m actively working on is more technical stuff, like more difficult and complex mounts. I found these types of tricks to be prohibitively intimidating for a long time. Sometimes it seems like the trick is too complicated even when you’re just watching someone else do it. But, I’m working my way into them now.

Almost 5 months, I think? I can use my YYE registration date as more or less the day I started. :wink: That’s not entirely accurate, but it’s close enough for rock’n’roll.

Coming along slowly; when I land a new trick that’s fun, I just keep doing that one (and mix it up just a little) every day until it has lost its lustre. Still getting giggles out of Jade Whip and Zipper, so that’s all I’ve really done for a week or so.

I have some of the well-known tricks more or less “learned” (can Matrix blindfolded in the dark; never really fail Kwyjibo anymore) and I have a few trick binds in my pocket.

Overall, I would consider myself a pretty slow and deliberate yoyoer. With one exception: tricks that look better when you can intentionally slow them down, I still have to do fairly fast (the aforementioned Jade Whip for example). I’m probably a little bit behind what a keen yoyoer would normally be at for 5 months, but I’m still having fun.

Next step: learn some unresponsive fixed-axle when my TMBR arrives!

I have the feeling that studio42 is typing a 6 paragraph essay for this thread at this very moment… :smiley:

Yes :smiley: So much fun.

It has been, uhh, 5 months or so for me? Can’t say I’ve accomplished much :stuck_out_tongue: Kind of a slow learner, and I’ve been busy with school etc. Kwijibo has just been impossible, the last pop into a Double or Nothing just doesn’t make sense to me in any way, shape, or form.

I can do chopsticks quite consistently, and I’m an average speed, smooth yoyoer for the most part I think.

I need to dig back to new basics again as that’s always been what really helps me move forward (Like Kwijibo isn’t basic enough haha)

I wish! Haven’t seen him around.

Currently not learning any new tricks… pretty satisfied with where I am as of late.

Working on building up my collection right now. 8)

Hit my fifth year a lil bit ago, should be better. Stop learning tricks, started playin around with the string more. Movin at my owwwnn pace yo yoo

I’ve been throwing for a little over a year, and I don’t try to learn new tricks often. I just throw the same combos and make new ones.


I rock at yoyoing.

That was a reallllyyyy tough evaluation there

I think I’ve been throwing for a little more than 3 years now and I’m very happy with the skill I’ve developed. I can do anything I set out to do with enough practice and I’m enjoying learning some of the original 5A tricks that have always eluded me.

5 months? Can only do one whip, plastic whip. The others I just can’t do. I’ve pretty much skipped expert part 2. I can do and whut though. Just not the pop. That I don’t understand.

The pop is basically just Kwyjibo. Learn that and you can do at least 100 tricks you never thought you could.

I’ve been yoyoing for 3 years and i think i’m doing ok :slight_smile: I can do quite a few slacks, i’m good at side style, horizontal and behind my back. Yet there is one trick i would love to learn that still elludes me; the reverse brent stole. I just cant seem to get it right :frowning: If anyone out there can do it and video tape a how to I would be very grateful!

Im at like 3 and a half months, having lots of fun, which is all that really matters imo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


About to hit 5 years. I have been absolutely loving it. So much fun. I pretty much have a yoyo where ever I go haha. :smiley:

I have small hands so chopstick stuff is a bit harder. No biggie though.

Hmm, I can’t really evaluate myself.  I do what I do.

This is some of my stuff:

But…  I have much more.

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Just know you are doing mighty good my brotha.

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I would say I’m a fairly fast learner im at about 3 and a half months and my best trick is probably spirit bomb or a trick on monkeyfinger (go monkeyfinger tuts theyre awesome!) called strategery. I also have a couple combos I made that are good and some pretty snazzy binds. My only thing is the only whip i know is plastic whip i am terrible at slacks but my string is terrible and i dont manage string tension well. (any help on good string and/or slacks is appreciated)

Well, most people get by with Kitty string or even standard poly for slacks and whips. But I gotta say I’m loving the Toxic BG1s and also Toxic Snakes. (BG1 if you like it slower and flowing, Snakes if you want more weight and faster whips) That’s just one person’s opinion. For the forseeable future, BG1s will be my go-to string.

+1 about MonkeyFinger! If I can get my arse in gear I’m going to enter their contest. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I’m slow to add new tricks to my repertoire, so 3 new tricks in less than a month will be a stretch for me. :wink: