How Far Have You Come?

I remember, five months ago, I was watching Andre Boulay’s Dark Magic Video and saying, “How the hell is he grinding that thing??!!”

I remember, three months ago, I was taking a peek at the tricks in the master section and saying, “I will never be able to do that.”

I remember, five-and-a-half months ago, I saw the Dark Magic, and said, “I’m not gonna spend that much money on a yo-yo.”

Now, I’m attempting to do a thumb grind into a slack trapeze.

Now, I’ve learnt And Whut, Hourglass, White Buddha, and almost complete with Yuuki Slack.

Now, I have three premium yo-yos totaling at $260.

For all those experienced, tell of your milestones that you once thought unachievable. That once, you thought were outrageous, a fallacy. Or maybe you were a bit more courageous and knew you would accomplish it someday.

For those new, tell what you think you will never do. And maybe in a few months, revisit this topic. And see if you have accomplished it.

How far have you come?

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What a great topic. I remember three months ago when I had just bought my zannavi shinwoo and thought unresponsive yoyos (before I tried them) were just not for me. And I remember looking at tricks like gyro flop and boingy and revolutions… let alone the master tricks, and thinking “there is nothing that is going to stop me from being able to do this”. I only have two of them down (superman and hourglass) but its crazy to look back on that list and say that there aren’t many of them left. I’ve gone through the list once, picking up most of the ones in the beginning, but I still have about a third of them that I skipped over that I need to go back and check out. It’s crazy seeing a trick that looks impossible, and then doing it a month later…

When I got my Velocity and started looking at the the Intermediate tricks, I thought to myself: " I’m gonna make it far"
This was a month ago. now i’m done with the intermediate site and have learned of the half of the advanced 1 tricks. yes i’ve come far.

This is one of my favorite topics…

On December 6th ( I think…lol) I got my Mosquito to start learning. I just knew braintwister mount and Rock the baby. But oe day, I was determined to learn more. I get past the Beginner section pretty fast, and halfway through the intermidiate section, my parents bought me a KickSide. When I got it, I started into advanced tricks, and soon later, my parents ;et me buy a PGM. I paid for some of it, but not alll of it. I had already learned binding with my friend’s Skyline, when I was just a beginner. I loved how the PGM was unresponsive. I go through to expert part 2 tricks, and look into a metal, once I finally got my DNA, I was at master tricks, and had made a few of my own. Now, I always am trying to learn more 1A, and other styles so yoyoing is more fun for me. I see all my friends quitting now, and its hard to take that, and them constantly asking me, “You’re STILL into yoyos???”. But YoYoExpert keeps me yoyoing, even if I don’t yoyo, I would still come here sometimes, but my goal is to keep yoyoing.

i’m making up simpler tricks than i ever have before.
i still have no idea how most of my friends come up with the insanity they put out there.
with hundreds of yo-yo’s to choose from, only a couple make it into my pocket with any regularity.

i guess looking at it that way, i haven’t come too far at all… and yet i really like where i am.
and the best part about ‘not having come too far’ is still being amazed by a lot of the yo-yoing i see.


should post the tricks. i’d love to learn 'em!!!

Im amazed sometimes, I also remember watching Andre’s vids and thinking it was impossible.

Fast forward 10 Months and im coming up with all sorts of things and almost have mastered everything in the Andre tutorials and then some.

Its amazing what practice, persistence, and time will do for you.

I’ll let others decide how far I’ve gotten. I will look forward and see how far I can go.

well one day at school dash crisner yoyoed for tallent show i said i could never do it and i would never try so one day my frend came to me and said try this and i did and i landed tapze as first trick he was schoked cause he couldent evendo one day in march i asked my mom if she would by me one and she sayed if it will make u stop talking about it then i got my first yo the legacy and so im like i saved up for a hitman then a kickside then a x-convict then 2 sunset trajectorys and then hybussa then 888 then m1 now my frends say y would u spend that much on a yoyo now ive learned all the tricks in 1a section eccept for ladder esape and ive alomost got it down and here its my my 2 latest videos,6954.0.html tada!

This is the 13 yearold me

1 year later…
the 14 year old me emerges

It speaks for itself

I think that I’ve come a long way since I started way back in February. In terms of tricks, I went from Around the World, all the way past Kwyjibo, Iron Whip, Brent Stole, and up to Ladder Escape. In terms of yo-yos, I guess an upgrade from a Speed Beetle to a Dark Magic is pretty far. I still have not touched an all-metal yo-yo, but that will come when it will come. I’ll try to make a video to compare me now with me a few months ago.

I think I’ve come a long way in the past months. I remembaer looking at the advanced part 1 and being really intemidated, thinking thats impossible. Now i’m working on skin the gerbil! I stilll don’t think I will ever be able to convince my parents to let me spend 75+ dollars on an all metal yoyo.

I started in, December of last year, I think, and saw all these tricks and I’m like, “I’ll yo yo, but i won’t be able to do that.” I didn’t take yoyoing super seriously until like February, and I was on intermediate tricks at the time. Now I’m almost done with advanced part 1 and have a few tricks in advanced part two. you’re probably thinking that I’m not that good because I’m still at advanced 1, but I move at my own pace, which is sorta slow.

What the other people said. This is honestly one of the coolest topics I’ve seen in a while.

Anywhoozle, I remember when I restarted into yoyoing in March after about 3 months of play. I was still trying to get Kwyjibo down when I found this site. Messing around, I looked at some of them. I saw Skin the Gerbil, Hand Starting, McBride’s Roller Coaster, etc… and just though wow. I knew I would never be able to do them, much less be able to remember them.

Now I’ve learned basically on the tricks here and am making up my own. I’ve also gotten somewhat not-horrible at the other styles. :smiley:

I know this is a little off-topic, but I noticed a whole lot of us say that we were intimidated when we saw all the tricks that Andre did for the first time. I’ve got a friend who just got into yo-yoing. I have got to show him this thread. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the praise guys.

I “restarted” yoyoing after I had seen a Mosquito in walmart and had pretty much nothing because all my stuff was stuck in a storage shed because of a flood. I picked up a blue mosquito and went back to the hotel to see what little tricks they had online, vastly wrong in my case because they had many yoyo tricks and many different styles. They also had new yoyos. This was all a shock to me. But On my first day I finished off most of intermediate. I didn’t want to press my luck so i stuck with that. Day was August 1st.
By August 6th I believe I had not only popped my only string, I was wearing away the friction sticks. This was the end of yoyoing for me. But then my credit card company told me I was able to get a 100 dollar gift card because I spent so much. I picked up quite a bit of stuff with that 100 dollars, one of which was a DM. It arrived September 5 I believe, and now I’m up to advance part 2. I’m currently working on Dr. Strange and Cold Fusion. In a couple days I figure I’ll continue on learning the rest of Advance part 2.
But since my first day of yoyoing I’ve been on this site. And it’s really helped me progress. Sadly enough I’m already teach people how to yoyo. My roommate thinks I’m the craziest person because I learn everything at an incredible rate. He’s still in intermediate, but he’ll learn once he gets pass the “I’m not going to be that good” kind of talk. Person I guess I don’t really belong here because it hasn’t really been that long for me.
I’ve also never thought I couldn’t do any of the tricks. My biggest thing was “I can’t wait until I learn that trick.” Learning is what I do best!

No one “doesn’t” belong here, Emptysea. We’re glad to have you on YYE :wink:

I also “restarted” yo-yoing after probably a 10 year hiatus. I never really learned much anything when I was younger. The best it got for me was doing rock the cradle on my Yomegas or my ProYo. One day at the end of February this year, I was at a craft store with my girlfriend and noticed some Duncans laying in a bargain bin. I decided why not, so I picked up a Butterfly and an Imperial. When i got home, it was basically just like how it used to be - I could do next to nothing on the thing. I searched high and low in my house and couldn’t find ANY of my old yo-yos, so highly upset, I got online and took what I thought to be a shot in the dark trying to find the impossible. And I was certainly proven wrong. After hours of analysis and reading countless reviews, I ended up going for the Lyn Fury (because who would spend $50-100 on a yo-yo? :P). When my Lyn finally arrived, it was unlike anything I had experienced. The bearing was huge from my previous points of reference, and no matter what, it would not return to my hand with a pull. By that time, I had found Andre’s tutorials on Expert Village, which eventually led me to this site, and vigorously practiced binding. After many days of utmost frustration, I finally got it, but I couldn’t do a split bottom mount or a straight trapeze to save my life.
Fast forward to now, and not a single day has passed that I havent played since then in late Feb. I now own 3 Dark Magics (one being the YYE Limited Edition I use for 5A), a Hitman, 2 Sunset Trajectories, an Aquarius, and a YYF BOSS (Augie Fash signature blue & gold finish – sooo aweseome) coming to me for Christmas. I’ve mastered many of the tricks I used to stare at with my jaw on the floor, most of the ones on this site including Master level, as well as some of the more difficult ones on I’ve also converted my 10 year old brother into an official yo-yo fanatic (He has even more yo-yos than me!).
I think that a couple main factors of why I push so hard in this hobby is the incredible community on this site, the fact that everyone’s willing to help, and the vast amounts of tutorials and videos online. I used to think you could only be so good at yo-yoing. Now I see the bounds are truely limitless, and I’m here to stay.