Where you at?


Just trying to get a sense of where everyone is. :wink: I’m just at the end of Expert 2


Done ::slight_smile:


well i can do a lot of master tricks but ive only really “mastered” the expert 2


Even if i voted beyond, i havent bothered to learn ALL the tricks. i make my own now.


Voted Expert 2; even though I sort of pick and choose different tricks from here and elsewhere, it gives the most accurate representation of the kinds of tricks I’m learning. Come to think of it, I should have voted “Expert 1” because I’m just dipping into Expert 2 tricks now…

Are we supposed to vote for what we’re working on or what we’ve mastered? :wink:

Either way, hilarious to me that I’m working on “Expert” tricks when I consider myself so rookie-ish at yoyo!


I accidentaly voted advanced. I’m somewhere around expert 1-2.


haha that’s how I am I learned white Buddah and never looked back.


Yeah I learned a bunch not on here like Yuuki’s classic concepts and so of jensens combos. i also make my own


I put myself at Advanced 2. We may have to have a one year anniversary battle. I see we started at almost the same time. :wink:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #10

You’re never done. You’ve actually just begun. :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #11


Haha, right on. We can do that. :smiley: “Old guys face off. Who will be the first to do a combo that lasts more than 20 seconds? Stay tuned for the edge-of-your-seat action!” :wink:


Don’t over-hype it. ;D

(Owen) #14

I’m at beginner 1


I put Expert pt. 1… But now Im rethinking and Im more of an advanced pt. 2 guy… But thatdoesnt mean i learned every trick below adv. 2 but i have learned a few from expert pt. 1-2 and And Whut from master as well…


I’m at master thought the master tricks are pretty easy.


I am bouncing around between all of them because some don’t make sense until i learn a harder trick until i learn the other one.


Yeah same here. I’ve been skipping around the advances and a little intermediate. I’ll check out some experts here and there. I didn’t do any beginners. Been through that years ago and have no interest.


If you don’t bust out a UFO every now and then, you shouldn’t be playing yoyo. :wink: (Just kidding, but UFO is fun!)


and helpful for tension fix up. Although tidal wave (not sure if that’s the name) is a bit quicker, and concise.