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Hello all; my name is Grant and I am a strapping young lad of twenty with a passion for yo-yoing. Although I’m currently quite horrible, I am getting better every day. Right now I’m rocking a stock Kickside with home made shims and it plays like a dream. Someday I hope to work my way up to a Dark Magic or a Hitman, but at the moment I can barely afford ramen so a forty dollar yoyo just hasn’t found it’s way onto my budget. I’m still very new, but thanks to the videos in the Learn section I am currently working my way through the advanced level tricks. I was referred to this fine site by Andre himself after telling him of my renewed interest in yoyoing and thanking him for his informative videos.


Hello,my name is Philipp.I am new at yo-yoing and now i’m studying.My favorite(and second yo-yo) is Yo-Yo Jam Black Knight.I heard about this site on when I watched yo-yo tricks there.=)


Hey, Im Eddie i was looking through my email and the world yoyo contest popped up and bam i find my self asking questions reliving 7 years ago when the raider was supposed to be the new next thing and now i just recieved my lyn fury with a dorothy bearing… currently my favorite has to be dark magic i havent played with one yet but its kind of like looking at and realizing how stinking hott. that car is high class, is what i compare to the dark magic. Hrmm what brought to this site was acutally an accident looking on google. and a site had this link and bam im here yoyo expert. = amazing favorite trick is the white budhha can i do it no but its darn good.


Hey, names Moxie yo yo noob extraordinaire! Gotta say I am loving this site I just got my Dark Magic in the mail and it is so much better than the mosquito I was using from Wally-World I can actually land a trapeze now ;D


Yo yo to all from the uk!
Hey i like to bust a spin on my yoyo each day,ok but not good.
I play on lyn fury and mr x convict love the con nice feel/weight yer get me.
I love to skate longboards and slide but ive just bust my leg in six places show me the love guys n girls :-*
Fave tricks the one’s i make up and dont name just “jam and flow” with some tunes.
Next yo i hope jamboo luv the boo, this site looks kool so laters for now!
cut your’s to size


Hey my name is Sean, been Yoyoing for a couple of months now. Started with a Duncan throw monkey but then found the dark magic. Don’t think i will ever go back! fav trick is chain reaction its kinda simple but i like it.


Hello, all!

My name is Buck, Im out of Denver, Co, and first off Id really REALLY like to put up my most heartfelt THANK YOU to Andre and YoYoExpert. See, ive been watching all the vids at Mastermagic, and the ones at Expert Village, and I can usually follow whats going on… The thing is, Im deaf, and having the entire discourse on the videos actually PRINTED right next to the vid is a Godsend. All of a sudden, everything old is new again, and Im able to get details I didnt have before. Its SO great!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have NO idea!!

Anyhow Ive been throwing for a long time, but only seriously for about a year or so now; Im an avid collector, Im actually a better collector than a player, and I like to try all the new stuff as it comes out and compare with everything else on the market from a consumer/enthusiast perspective. I like being able to help people when I can.

I dont usually forum jump, but the mere fact that some one took the effort to caption all those tutorial videos gets VERY high marks from me, and so I figured it would be well worth my while to join you here. Thanks for havin me!

Lookin’ forward to it!



This is so much fun!
My name is Max. I am kind of a small person but with large attitude which is why my name is Might Max!!! I have been playing yo-yo for 6 months. I learn all my tricks at and but now

This is cool forum. I also like to read news section.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello one and all.

I am 64 years young and haven’t touched a yoyo in more the 4 decades. Why I got interested in yoyo’s? I seen my grandson, age 9, attempt to work his Dad’s wooden relic. As I watch him struggle, a thought came to mind. Perhaps he and I could do (yoyo) this together as a team. I went web surfing and OH MY GOSH. I was hooked. I’ve purchased a few yoyos and learning some of the basic stuff that’s available on this web-site, fantastic site by-the-way. I’m positive when I show off after Christmas dinner, he’ll be hooked to… then we’re off n’throwin down. My wife thinks I’ve reverted back to my childhood and, well, she’s right and I love it. (I caught her trying to work my yoyo when she assumed I wasn’t around :0), A camera is never available when you need one!!!

So far I’ve learned a lot from all you young whippersnappers, and thanks


My name is Max, and ive been yoyoing for about 3 years. I’m known in my area as the “yoyojesus”. Ive gotton a lot of great comments about my yoyoing, because i made a performance in front of 1,500-2,000 people. Ive also competed in MA states 08 but did extremely poorly( ). My favorite trick would have to be one of my creations that can be seen in a couple of videos at It contains three slack swings,and ends in a robotic entry to a reverse green triangle. I found out about yoyoexpert through my research in good websites I was trying to recomend or the seven people I teach.

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Sup, My name is Robert and I’m from Wister Oklahoma. My favorite yo that I would say is the Yoyojam Dark Magic by André Boulay. I’ve been yoing since April 2008 so about 6 months. My favorite trick I would say is probably leg rap trap and thumb grind. I started back when I was 9 for a wile and just learned the basics, than I quit. A few years later I went on a school trip to a historic site. While I was there I bought a basic wood yoyo that wouldn’t even sleep. so I showed my friends some loops and hops and they where just amazed! So i taught them some tricks and how to yoyo and that’s when I realized “I want to try this out again”. I have a DM, Big yo2, custom yo Axl, 2 Duncan imperials, Duncan butterfly, Duncan mosquito, And a glow-in-the-dark yo i got out of a vending machine. I’m am currently trying to get 2 Sunset trajectories. Some day I hope to be as great as André. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Greetings all,
28yr old male. Doctor of Chiropractic father of three got into yo-yoing when a patient of mine gave me a Duncan Dragon Fly i was hooked i now play a YYJ Speeder and and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Kickside and new strings and lube Maybe a DarkMagic or Lyn Fury in the near future
I can’t tell you why i’m so hooked, but i am drives my wife crazy, but my five and three years old love it when we get out their Mosquitoes and play.
anywho found this through expertvillage and look forward to continuing the quest to YOYO BLISS!!


Hello, all!

My name is John Little…I was playing yo-yo ages ago when the hottest thing going was a good Duncan Butterfly. ??? WOW! How old is that!?! don’t ask

Found this site when Expert Village decided to make yoyoexpert (or however that happened)…absolutely lovin’ it.

Well, I purchased a Speed Beetle from Wally World followed shortly by a Mosquito. Bought all 4 of my kids a yo-yo and we got busy. We all learned some tricks and had some fun. Now here we are 6 months later. My oldest step-son still plays and I’m an addict. I start playing at 5:30 when I get up to go to work and I don’t quit till I go to be at night. There’s always another trick to learn.

lmatthis, I feel your pain…my wife has threatened to hang me with my own yo-yo :o…she’ll get over it :smiley: I hope.

Current yo-yos: Lyn Fury, Dark Magic and a Mini Mo-Trix Tu.
I just got the Mo-Tu, but I still love my DM…it’s very modified, silicone mod, homemade KK bearing and it rocks!

BIG thanks go to Andre for taking the time to make all those wonderful videos for us to learn from.

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Name: James Crystopher A. Reyes

Nickname: James

Birthday: January 21, 1989

Country: Philippines

Nationality: Filipino

Started playing yoyo: October 26,2007

Skill Level: 3

Current Yoyo: Speeder (White)
Speed Maker (White)
Speed Maker (Pink)
Speeder (Yellow)

Favorite Yoyo: Speeder,Hitman,888

Favorite Player: Hiroyuki Suzuki, Johnnie DelValle, Andre Boulay

Playing Style: 1A,2A (learning soon),4A,5A

What motivate/keeps me yoyoing: I’ve promised to become a WORLD CHAMPION to a girl that is special to me…and i’m serious of that,i’m gonna make my promise come true.

Hindrance in yoyoing: money to buy yoyos.

Factors that drove me deeper in yoyoing: being a WORLD CHAMPION.

Motto: “yoyo is a SKILL, not a TOY”.


hi there, hoy james! you’re also a member of this forum! :slight_smile:

Name: Kyle Capiral
Birthday: September 4, 1990
playing since:late 2003
division: 2A (plays a couple of 1A and 5A, but i’m relly into 2A though,learning 3A)
Favorite yoyo/s:Raiders/Fireballs(modded), Sunset trajectory NXG
Favorite players: Hiraku Fujii, Shinji Saito, Koji Yokoyama, Hiroko Miyamoto

Motto: ‘‘Life is like a yoyo. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. But no matter what happens, it will keep on spinning.’’


Hi everybody! I am George and I am from Greece.It’s a little strange how I am in yoyoing the last 4 months…It was June and I went with two friends to a big shop,in order to buy a boat for the sea…Because there were too much people there and I wanted to go for swimming I decided to leave and go an another time for the boat.Then I saw some yoyos…I had a yoyo in the past, with the Sprite logo(!) so I grabed 2 of them, just to throw them for fun.What yoyos? The brand is YOTECH and the model PHOENIX.You can imagine my surprise when I throw it for the first time and it didn’t come back! I first thought that was broken!! I went back to the shop and I bought 6-7 (same categorie) yoyos…all broken( ;D).Then I looked on internet and I accidently found YYJ.I asked Andre about which model for a beginer etc. Thanks to Andre, his advices and his videos, today I am trying to introduce yoyoing to all Greek people!!!it’s difficult but…hey…I am yoyoing!!!
About tricks…I am in advanced level tricks.The hardest until some days before it was Boingy Boing! I was trying to do it with a YYF Velocity, but I manage to do it with YYJ Hitman Hybrid.I also like looping.I am looking forward to throw two Sunset Trajectory NXG.At the time I am learning looping with my “bad” left hand.Before try yoyoing with my left, I thought that the only thing that I could do with it, was to make signal to a bus to stop ;D

Andre told me for this forum (thanks again) and my moto is: Keep Spinning!

P.S Doesn’t everybody understands very well English.So it is great that below videos in Expertvilage there is a text.


I love the yoyo community and everything about yoyoing. I like to make up my own tricks, and teach them to other people, as well as those standard tricks that we all know and love.

Currently I’m using a Throw Down Luchador, YYF 888, CLYW BvM, YYJ Dark Magic, and SPYY RSL as my main players. Hope I can have lots of good discussions with you guys.

Holy…when this board come into existence?


Hi. Some of you prolly already know me. If not…well…i’m awesome.

I’ve been yoing for 2 years and learn extremely fast, and love to help those in need.

I also give plenty of analysis on tricks and routines, so if you need advice in that column, hit me up.

I play everything excpet 3A and 5A, 5A just because I suck at it. Whats Ironic is that I run a store with Steve Brown and i still refuse to get good at 5a…heh.

Anywho. Hi.

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Hi everyone! My name is Connor. I Collect YoYos and learn tricks along the way. I love messing about with my yoyos. Im JUST getting into intermediate tricks and JUST leaving beginner tricks. I will soon be starting with string tricks then looping tricks while learning picture tricks here and there. Id love to befriend others like me who love yoyos and feel free to e-mail me at

I guess thats about it. Thanks, glad to be here, Connor.