Introduce Yourself! 2023

Time to start a new one… :wink:


What’s up everyone, I’m Jason from NH. I’ve been messing with yo-yos since the boom in the 90’s, got into modern throwing about 2018, then really got back into it this winter. My goal is to learn some more technical tricks this year, and I figured joining this community would help keep my eyes on the prize!

Currently throwing: Magic Purple Line, Magic Stealth, Magic K2 Crystal (just came in last night), Protostar, SKYVA.

I have a Mazel Top Rectifier coming in the mail :sunglasses:.


Welcome to the forums! Get yourself one of these yoyos below and get started with the learn page here!


Welcome to the forums! Check out the #yo-yo-tricks category to keep yourself posted on all the new tricks the community is coming out with! You have a really nice selection of MagicYoYos, hope you have been enjoying them. That K2 Crystal is going to be your beater isn’t it?


Thank you for the warm welcome! How’d you guess? :sunglasses: I might throw a gold ten ball bearing (also Magic) in there to increase the spin time. This might be the best $15 yo-yo I’ve come across in a LONG time.


You’re welcome! Hahaha I recently got myself one as a beater, so I just guessed that it was the same for you. You should do it! It sounds like a killer upgrade!

I definitely agree, it plays way above its price point and comes with both responsive and unresponsive bearings so you can give it away to people who are interested in learning as to yoyo as well!


It’s winter here, so I feel a little better bringing something such as the K2 as an EDC, too. I see myself picking up a couple more for friends! Happy New Year! :grinning:


Oh yes, a plastic yoyo will definitely be much gentler on the hand compared to a metal one. Awesome! Happy new year to you too!


Hey there!

I’m Dusty and I’m a complete beginner who just realized I might have a knack for this thing. My toddler kiddo really wanted a yoyo for Christmas and I had bad luck finding the sort of elastic retractable kind I had as a child (I think we left those back in the nineties or something) but it turned out to be a lucky mistake. I ended up getting her the most auto-returny auto-return Amazon reviews could provide.

While she’s, well, a toddler, what surprised me more than a few Duncan-flavored thwacks out of the blue from her enthusiastic practice was that I ended up playing with it so much over the holidays that I wound up buying myself an inexpensive one which came with both responsive and unresponsive bearings. I didn’t have a proper one as a kid, just the weird cheap elastic contraption I mentioned, and oddly enough this might just be the first hobby I’ve stumbled into that feels like it’s coming naturally. I’ve dabbled in other skill toys over the years (everything from poi and devil sticks to XCM) and usually it just results in frustration and really cool stuff laying around unused in my studio, but it’s like I went from holding it correctly to picking up a few tricks as naturally as breathing. I haven’t quite gotten to the point of learning a bind and switching the bearing, but I feel like it’s coming soon.

I found the forum looking for recommendations on a better quality yoyo to get for myself next and after browsing a few topics decided that if I want to improve this is the place to start steeping myself in information. The fastest way to get better at something is to do it, but even better is both doing it and surrounding yourself with people who are knowledgeable on the topic.

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to all the newcomers! What yoyo did you get yourself? We are a nosey bunch and now you’re one of us. You can use the search bar to find topics that answer any question you could ever think of. It’d be a good idea to stock up on decent string because string does not last a long time for especially for beginners. Have fun and ask questions. We’re here for ya!


Welcome to the community Dusty, nice to see another Michigander on here. I am fairly new myself especially to unresponsive. This is a great place to learn, ask questions and meet some really good people.

These little round spinning objects can be really addictive (don’t ask me how I know) and before you know you will have a large collection.

The throws that @Hanker mentioned in the above thread are a great place to start. Plenty of good inexpensive throws, then as you grow your style you can buy more specific throws. I would also suggest getting one responsive and one unresponsive to start, switch bearing can be a pain not to mention that over time you will put wear and tear on the bearing seat.

I would add one more to the list, this has really taken off as one of the best injection machined throws on the market today.

Not sure where you are located, there is a club in Plymouth (Downtown Plymouth YoYo club) that meets at a mall in livonia on Thursday nights, I found them on Facebook. I haven’t gone yet, plan to soon. Looks like adults and kids.

Good luck with your new journey.


Hey guys just got back into throwing after a 10 years long time! Long time lurker but finally made an account


Nice to have ya back!


Thanks for the warm welcome and advice, everyone!

The little one I got is a YOSTAR K2 Crystal and while I feel like I’m doing decent the main gripe I have so far is that it just feels really, really light. I’m still so new that I’m unsure if weight is really much of a thing when it comes to throwing or if it’s working on getting the correct amount of force to get a longer spin (or probably a bit of column a, little of column b), but when it comes to pool and darts I prefer heavier cues and barrels. Everyone seems to like the One-Drop Deep State and Deeper State so that’s the shiny shiny that I have my eye on next time I need a Mom-reward, especially as I’m still working on responsive but looking to advance to unresponsive once I have a firmer grasp on technique. The idea of a midway point is very appealing.

And YES string. I got five in my kit and I have a big pack sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for the next time we sort through the little bits and bobs we need to pick up.

@Hojo-YoYo Thank you for the recs and nice to meet you! I’m pretty far upstate but my in-laws actually live in Plymouth so next time I’m down there I’ll see if the time lines up to stop by. I’m terrible at committing to regular club meetings of any kind, but I like dropping into rpgs and tcgs when I’m lurking around in game stores so the idea of just popping in to say hello is a fine thing.


That sounds great, hit me up when when you get in town.
It will be nice to meet someone from the community in person.

The OD throws are top shelf, I’ve been gathering a small collection of them. The Deep State play responsive nicely, the Deeper State is a little more semi-responsive but with some lube should do fine. I prefer the MK1-SW Red Blood Cell (RBC). They are smooth, long spin time, great responsiveness and super comfortable. They are a bit more expensive but well worth it. I carry one every day and try to get a few throws in at lunch time.


Welcome to the forums! How did you pick up yoyoing again?

Welcome to the forums! As for the K2 Crystal feeling very light, you shouldn’t worry too much about it as most yoyos, even super light yoyos are stable and powerful enough to handle most of your tricks. Some people like me even like light yoyos. If you want a yoyo that feels more solid and stable, and is a plastic that you can beat to oblivion, I would recommend the yoyos below.

I suggest getting some decent strings like the one below, it can really make learning how to yoyo much more enjoyable and less frustrating.


Thanks! And it’s kind of funny but one of my guys came into work with a yoyo then I realized I haven’t played with one for like 10 years or told anyone I used to be pretty decent at it, borrowed his yoyo muscle memory kicked in and showed him some mounts and rolls then immediately ordered a bi metal because adult money lol


Wow, what a way to get back into yoyoing! Glad to hear that you’ve retained your skills! Hopefully learning new tricks would be a breeze for you!