The YoYoExpert 'Help The Community' Project!!


Hi there everyone, this will be one of those long threads which I will try to make as short as possible but recently I have been noticing a lot of questioning about many different things from people that have recently joined the hobby and also a lot of repetition about those questions. So I thought we can all contributed to our community of yoyoexpert and help to make it easier for those new yoyoers, and I hope you all agree with me.

My idea is making different types of threads to help those starting up in a faster and more detailed and efficient way. Usually, when someone asks a question we all contribute and try to be as helpful as possible, and of course we tend to include our own opinions about a specific topic, I think most of the time the person asking the question becomes confused about what we are trying to say and they tend to repeat the same question they ask in the comments.

So here’s what I thought we can do to help out any more efficient way. We will attempt to create different threads that I will request to be pinned by the operator in the Help/Recommendation Section. Those threads will include many questions that have been repeating for a while. You might be wondering who will write these threads? Well, we will be. How? Hopefully there are some of you willing to volunteer to write a specific topic in a fairly detailed, clear and bias-free manner.

So Far, I have thought of the following topics, and I will be explaining how we can format the write ups:

1) What should be my first YoYo?
I believe this topic will need to have more than one volunteer because, we will be mentioning the recommended yoyo(s) a beginner should get, because we all know it’s a big heart break if you’re disappointed with your first throw. Also, It will mention the most recommended for ALL styles! and the reason behind the recommendation. It will be somewhat detailed as we will have to mention a little about butterfly and V-shapes etc. for 1A, 2A, 3A (you can recommend same yoyo from 1A, if convenient) 4A( you will only mention the name of the yoyo and VERY BRIEF reasoning) that’s because it’s not highly demanded, 5A (you can mention yoyo from 1A also). Remember, this is only a yoyo for beginner.

  • It’ll be helpful to mention that most people start with tug-responsive yoyos and move up the ladder, and brief examples will be very appreciated.

2) What YoYo should I get from Brand Name?
Here we will only mention the following brands in details: YYJ, YYF, CLYW, OD and maybe Duncan (if you think more should be mentioned in details please tell us). Also, you will be explaining briefly about which yoyo suits which style. For this type of question it’s most likely that the person is looking for their first throw from that brand and aren’t looking to be disappointed. Other brands will be mentioned in this section, yet the details about the yoyo will not be uhm… detailed. Example: let’s say you’ve recommended the Chief from CLYW and mentioned why at the end of the write up you write something like (after the chief, Arctic Circle is recommended) again, this is just an example to make a point. this way if someone still doesn’t like the recommended yoyo, they’ll have another option to look at.

3) How do I clean my bearing/my yoyo is very noisy HELP!?
This section can include write ups, videos or even include a link of a thread already explaining. So you will mention why someone should clean their bearing (briefly) and what to use for it (i.e mineral spirits etc.) For example, the other day there was a thread about how to “paper clean” your bearing" It’ll be nice to add the link to that thread with the name of the poster on top. Also, I myself asked what alternative can be used to clean a bearing other than lighter fluid, I got very helpful responses, which can be quoted here.

  • you can also mention Dry playing, and how it can be done, or you can refer to a video or a write up of course (the other day, Studio42 provided me with some details about it which I can share if he’s okay with it).

4) What string should I get?
I believe this question is asked after someone has finished playing with the string included with the yoyo. Here you will mention which strings fits which style of play (i.e 1A strings are different and highly NOT recommended for 2A) you can use the write ups written by the company itself to mention what it does (eg. it’s smooth on the hands and are light so slack is slower). you will be mentioning which strings most people use (i.e I know a lot of people use YYSL type X) yet also a lot use candy wires and kitty. So, you will have to tell the difference. Please do NOT recommend 100 pack for someone looking to get strings, you don’t want them stuck with something they may not like, so recommend to get a 10 pack to see how they like it and increase the amount later if it works for them.

*You can definitely use lines or details from previous reviews or write ups about a specific yoyo, but please make sure you include the name of the original poster. Or maybe, you sent someone a PM telling them about a specific yoyo and thought you did a good job? included it’ll make it easier!

*Feel Free to make a long video instead of writing for example for the “Which yoyo should I get first?” go ahead and make a video if you feel comfortable doing that, and explain. If you have a lot of yoyos, this maybe the easier choice for you… you can show them and explain what you think.

*You may not include a yoyo name that is still in development and has not yet been released. You can always modify the post after you read or write a review about it. Example, “The Rally is a great yoyo for free hand play” that’s unacceptable. We’ve seen it in play 3A by a professional, but we aren’t trying to confuse the reader

*I only have those topics so far, I will be adding more as I think of them and I’m all ears for MORE topics and if you are willing to volunteer, please mention which topic you would like to volunteer for in the your reply. MORE THAN ONE VOLUNTEER FOR EACH TOPIC IS ALLOWED, It’ll make it easier!

*If you have any questions in regards of anything please don’t hesitate to ask by replying or PM.

*Thanks a lot if you’ve read this far, you’re a great member of the community! Don’t forget to let me know your opinions about the whole topic and situation, I’d appreciate any thought input, should we continue with this project should we not?

Have a great day everybody and sorry for the huge post. (hopefully it won’t go to waste)


That’s a good idea. I myself was recently thinking of making a “sum-up” thread, but
A. Haven’t found the time
B. Don’t have a whole lot of expertise.

I know you’re probably thinking “But legyoyo you’re so awesome what do you mean ‘Don’t have a whole lot of expertise’” I mean I’ve literally only tried a few yo-yos, a few strings, and there’s tons of bearing tutorials on youtube. So I like the idea, but there’s also a search bar that people can search; since these questions are very frequently asked. And I’m not the best source for “this vs. this” questions :wink:


This sounds like a really cool idea


thanks guys :slight_smile: couple people already volunteered. I need some more !

It’s true people can search, but it seems like they’d rather post a whole new thread than search… that’s what I’m trying to prevent.


Thats true but the search option on YYE is terrible.


Considering the fact that about half of the people “Looking for Help/Recommendation” can’t even find the proper area to post in, I doubt that they’ll be able to find it.

That being said, I still like this idea. It’s a great way to get a quick point of reference or tip


I’m gonna have to completely agree with that.


I think this is a great idea!
also, off topic, but your avatar and sig kinda look like a lobster, yoing4lyf ;D


Lmaooo I don’t know how you convert the vendetta mask to a lobster but you made me laugh so hard I almost got kicked out of class


well, the eyes and the eyebrows (or shadows above it) are the claws. The moustache is the arms. Then the nose is the head, and the chin the tail. Lobster! (sorry for making you laugh in class :slight_smile:


Oohhh lol I see it now! And don’t worry, I shouldn’t have my phone out anyway :stuck_out_tongue:








yes the search sucks… they need to have a list of filters like a lot of websites have.