Beginner looking for new tricks

I have been throwing a yoyo every day for about 2-3 months now and I have already learned just about every trick that Andre Boulay has put up on expert village and most of the tricks on the “trick list” that comes with everything you buy from this site. I was just wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction as to where to go from here. Any good sites or tricks that I should look into to put myself from the advanced to the master range? Any help would be appreciated. I can already throw around and impress my friends but I just want to learn more to keep my interest peaked. I’m not into the Japanese style of yoyoing and I like the really artsy looking throwers (Guy Wright, Jason Lee etc.).

Look at monkeyfinger, highspeedyoyo, and rethinkyoyo. They are all great sites.

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I’ll check them all out now. Thank you very much!

I’m kind of in a similar place. Maybe not quite as far, but what I’ve been doing is trying to really master the tricks and figuring out how to string them together into combos. I think once you get that down, you really start to see how the tricks come together and it’s time to start creating your own stuff.

2-3 months?? Man. I’m over a year in and I’ve just learned Superman convincingly. Still missing Black Hops, a more convincing Seasick, and the rest of the “Master” tricks other than Superman…

Here you go, check out the playlists for difficulty 2 or 3, those should be about where you are at.  The playlist “quick and easy tricks” has a number that are probably just right as well.

Check out, and Miguel Correa’s channel on YouTube (, also Mike Montgomery’s site as well as his YouTube channel just type in yoyo let’s play and you’ll find him.

These should keep you busy for a day or so.

Have fun and keep the wheels spinning!

im playing 3 months and i just need to learn hour glass for all expert village tricks
you know reverse brent stole realy cool trick, i just started landed quadruple reverse brent stole.
and you can learn from rethink yoyo or monkey fingers.

You people and your 3 months to get to those tricks. Boggles my mind. :wink:

I know right! Frustrating when you see people that have been yoyoing for 25% as long as you doing stuff you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes but they could be the type of people that land the trick once and say they’ve mastered it :wink:

I secobd rethink yoyo. I also quite like Alexis’ tutorials on YouTube.

it because now there is more tutorials ;D
edit: learn turbo repeater really awsome

I learned as quickly as I did though because I was working as a meat clerk at a Kroger (grocery store) and after I cleaned up after the butchers I would just stand back in the cooler and practice tricks. Now I have been out of work for about a month because of a move so I have had quite a bit of time on my hands lol. I’m really really hard on myself and I set a checklist of tricks that I need to work on every day and even if I mess up a little bit I have to restart and keep going until I can land the trick 3 times in a row smoothly. ie since I haven’t figured out how to snap bind, if I mess up a trick, I kill the yoyo and have to land a snap bind before I can try the trick again so I am doubling up on my learning. I’m not going to lie and say that I have “mastered” all of those tricks, I am just looking for something to challenge myself and push myself harder than learning a small trick and repeat that all day long. I will land it 3 times and move onto the next trick, if I fail then I must reset my count. I do understand where you are coming from though.

Brent Stole and Superman are a couple of the tricks that I have only landed a couple of times but I wouldn’t say that I have mastered them.

I do appreciate everyone’s advice and I have been on Rethink and Miguel’s youtube all day learning as much as I can. I just can’t wait to go to contests and learn from people in person!

Pretty cool system and an interesting approach! Once you’ve hammered through as many tricks as you can, you’ll either start making up your own or you’ll pick a few that you enjoyed and want to “master”. Either way, sounds like your chosen method is an exciting one! I’m hard on myself, too, but it takes me significantly longer (from the sound of it) to land a trick and then repeat it three times. :wink:

Have to admit, though, when I feel a certain fluency with a trick, I DO like to just practice it over and over again. Couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve thrown Superman this week. A few hundred, I’m sure.

I know the feeling. Since I am still really new to the whole yoyo thing, I’m still not the most comfortable with a wrist mount so I think when I decide to push through, I get a knot and when I cower I end up nailing the trick with a “How in the hell did THAT work out” kind of mentality. Then I make sure that those tricks are in the middle of my schedule so I am warmed up enough to have my hands aware of what I’m doing and not at the end because I will just put my yoyo down after a knot.