Need new tricks that are between advanced and expert


Well i picked up a yoyo about 4 months ago and after i got the yoyo jam atmosphere every thing just opened up and i have got stuck i have gotten almost every trick on the advanced list but i cant seem to get any expert tricks down besides skin the gerbal does any one know of any tricks in between the two i could learn


4 months?

I’m at 6 months and I’m ALMOST ready to try The Matrix.

Slow down and practice. Whatever you’re after, you’ll get it. You know you will.


I would suggest trying some 5A, it’s quite fun !

Good luck !


Gondola would be a good one you should be able to pick up. Actually a pretty fun little trick.

Trapeze slack would be another one.

Oh, maybe Ninja Vanish


I completely agree. Try out a new style for a change, you’ll love it and you will learn a lot.


thanks you guys for the segestions but i am already peaty far along in 4a 5a and 1a and i just got a package in its officail im sponcered


That would be pretty EPIC if Andre did some new videos and new tricks.


Just wanna say, I love your name!

Anyways… Try high speed yoyo and rethink yoyo… Those site have some good tutorials


Strangely enough this is my situation too, exactly (except i have been yoing for only 3.5 months).


i picked this name cuz my sponcer is 420 hemp energy drinks and i like the tricks that look complex but once u have them down its nothing you know kind of like a budahs revenge it seems intimidating when you first try it but after its nothing u no thx for the help tho


You could try learning Canadian bacon, Asian hops, and post nuclear.

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Pick a trick in the expert section, stick with it for a few days. That’s how you gotta get it done.

It is important to note that it’s gotten to the point where learning all of the tricks is no longer absolutely crucial to your development; if there is a certain trick that for some reason you cannot get, you can skip it. That’s not as true in the earlier sections on this website.