not progressing well

so i’ve noticed that im not progressing towards harder tricks. i can do almost everything up to advanced 2 but not much more. i feel that im not learning as much things as i should. any help on learning expert tricks?

I’m about where you are. Maybe just take a break from the trick list and learn some new, different tricks from the forums. Zammy has some really cool tricks on his 1A thread that are not too hard to learn. Also, try making some of your own tricks and smoothing out the old ones. Try some different styles of yoyoing. Just have fun with it.

While I tend to check out YYE’s videos (Very helpful explanation-wise) I also tend to check out other tutorials (High Speed YoYo) as a second resource. Sometimes, watching a trick done in slow motion also helps if I don’t get the basic idea here.

I’d go ahead and deviate from the trick list and just mess around, experiment with what you do know, and check out some other tricks that aren’t on here. I’m currently trying to smoothly nail Asian Pops. I have the idea down, it’s just executing it.

As with any trick, here or someone else’s tutorial, just take the tricks slow, practice portions of the trick. I totally skipped McBride’s Roller Coaster but am now going back to it. Fortunately, learning some of the tricks ahead (Buddha’s revenge to be exact), I already knew how to do a 1.5 mount. With this said, I often hop around on the trick list since learning how to yoyo is a very open-ended hobby and there’s no specific order you have to learn your tricks.

There’s always a plateau. With anything, there are far, far fewer people who are great than people who are good. The difference isn’t usually talent. The difference is that people who are great continued to push when learning new things became really difficult. Not many people are willing to commit that much to anything.

I’ve been there for a few months now with yoyo’ing. At first my practice was always about learning new tricks from scratch. I’d pick one out and within 2 days I’d have it, then move to the next. Doesn’t work like that anymore. Now I spend most of my time trying to think of creative ways to link the tricks I know, and making those tricks smoother. I still learn brand new things from time to time, but it’s not the same as it was. I try not to get emotional or discouraged about it if I can’t pick something up immediately.

Some tricks come easy and some take much longer for me. The difficulty doesn’t always coincide with the levels stated (for me anyway). You may have already seen it but if not this is another of my favorite learning sites.

Don’t just watch Andre’s Expert Village tutorials, mess with lots of elements and find your own style. There are so many tutorial sites out there too. Don’t be afraid to watch moar videos.

Take this one, for example…This video has lots of elements you can incorporate to your style :]

Hope all is well, man!

All I can say is don’t get discouraged and don’t give up.

It took me well over 3 months to get The Matrix and I still don’t have it perfect, but I can do it. I say not perfect because its not perfectly smooth. When I roll out of the double or nothing and into a trapeze, I have trouble getting into the ferris wheel to roll back into the double or nothing. I CAN do it, it’s just not smooth. I have been working on McBride’s Roller Coaster for 2 months and I discovered a few days ago I was doing a bit of it wrong, which was good as it was easily corrected. At the same time(a few days ago), I figured out the first part of Buddha’s Revenge, but didn’t know where to go from there. I went to Yolex today, and with a bit of assistance from the folks there, I am now able to do Buddha’s Revenge not only pretty good, but nice and smooth too!

I’m having a rough time learning most tricks. It does frustrate me. I’ll go back and work on other stuff. Heck, I’ll change skill toys. The one thing I try not to do is to just take a complete break. I keep myself engaged on at least something For me, for now, I find walking away to be a counter-productive movement. I’ve been collecting skill toys recently, so I have spintops and diabolo to fall back to. A Kendama and gyroscopes are on the way and I plan to pick up a juggling set soon. Sometimes it just takes using a different yoyo to break things up.

I don’t worry about how fast I am progressing. I am more concerned about the general enjoyment of the skilltoys in general. At the same time, I do require that I progress. I desire to improve! I look forward to the challenge. I also find the whole thing very therapeutic.

Boingy Boing took me just about a year to nail. Back when I first saw it, I was able to get a good Split Bottom Mount down. I had just learned Mach 5 and Split the Atom for what it’s worth, as well as discovering unresponsiveness and Plastic Whips. About a year later, I just finally started finding that key rhythm that trick demands. Now I can do it pretty good, almost a year later after landing it for the first time.

I see it this way… when you start off, you’ll seem to be progressing at a quick rate since the beginner tricks (for the most part) don’t demand a whole lot. I flew through those when I was younger (and thought that those were it to yoyoing…and the grandmaster trick was splitting the atom). As you get to the more difficult tricks, progress is going to slow down quite a bit. In terms of video games…you know in the Pokemon games (or any RPG in that matter), you start off with a level 5 monster…you seem to get it up to the 20s rather quick but eventually leveling up slows down and you level up less frequent as you did starting off… Same applies to real life, as I see it anyway.

Honestly, I like practicing the tricks I’m not so good at yet as I do find I eventually become more fluid with it. When I do nail it, I get excited and want to learn more and improve what I have (and put it in with something else to see what I can come up with). My Matrixes were very broken for the longest time. One day, it just came and I was doing it very fluid. And I hadn’t really been focusing on the trick, it just happened when I went to do a yoyo demo for my former elementary school’s Kindergarten and special ed classes.

I guess it’s quite the same for everybody. Some tricks are hard to do and others go down rather smooth. I had a hard time doing Boingy but it now works nearly perfectly. White Buddha though still doesn’t feel smooth at all, when I do it, although I’ve been practising it for nearly a year. Matrix feels quite ok and I got it down after just two days. Kwijibo and Pop’N’Fresh though are giving me a hard time, not to mention any of the Whip stuff, which I just don’t seem to be able to do. But it all boils down to a simple statement: Practise makes perfect. And isn’t it the greatest feeling, once you can say: “I landed it!”? :slight_smile: