No Progress.

So I’ve been yoyoing for quite some time now, and I just can’t seem to move onto any Advanced tricks. An example would be my inability to complete the Matrix. .__.

Any advice? Keep practicing? Surrender?

Maybe there’s people out there who are/were in similar situations as me and can help. Thanks in advance. ^^

All I can say is just to keep practicing. As people say, practice makes perfect. :wink:

dont give up, give yourself a few days to get it down. The majority of people dont just get anything down perfect for a while.

I know how you feel…that feeling when you cant complete a trick, so you ask for advice and people say ‘keep practicing’? but when you keep practicing the same trick, you get bored and go back to intermediate? Well I have a solution!!!
Look through some more tricks and you’ll eventually find a trick that you think looks cool and easy for you, practice that trick and once you get it move back to matrixx or maaybe try cold fusion.
but seriously…practice is the best advice anyone can give in the yoyo world!

yeah i had the same thing like try looking for something that you are good at. Personally i cant do slak tricks so i skipped through them to something that looked more for me. MAtrix took me forever to get smooth i kept whacking my arm on the roll and i got frustrated to, just try moving through the tricks and go back when u feel more confident.

I recently learned the matrix, and I kind of discovered that after you drop out of double or nothing and roll, to wrap your throw hand quickly around and roll again, kind of feels like Deja Vu from the matrix…when you keep the momentum flowing with quick motions it works. It is a cool looking trick worth practicing (as andre would say)

hope this helps

Two things:

  1. Where in the matrix are you stuck? Maybe you said and I didn’t read, but if you didn’t say, say now.

  2. Don’t give up. If you get stuck on one trick keep going. Try something from the next level up. I could do some of the master tricks before I could do spirit bomb. Have fun.

Thats more than two things.

by all means never give up or “surrender”. the trick to learning advanced tricks is to take each advanced trick one move at a time. advanced tricks are comprised of many tricks in one. break it down. and if you find that hard, then break it down more. with the matrix, practice it step by step. practice getting a perfect trapeeze, practice the hop over your finger, practice going around your throw hand finger into a double or nothing. hell. stop right there and practice that. go ahead and add on each move and just take it slowly and step by step. once you can do all steps, put it all together and practice so you can pick up the speed of that trick. good luck!

One thing I love to do is sit down with my laptop, and practice each piece bit by bit. With the Matrix, I first practiced my Double or Nothing, then practiced the dismount, THEN practiced the swing alone with a trapeeze. Break it down more than Andre does in his parts. Practice every little bit of the trick multiple times. And, if the trick frustrates you ALOT, work on other tricks and take a whack at it later.

Whenever I feel like that, I just skip to a different trick and come back to it. I do my best to learn them in order, but I skip one every once in a while. I can do all the master tricks on this site except “double Iron whip” because I couldn’t [I skipped] the trick “Iron whip.” I also cannot do over under boing e boing, Iron whip, hook, suicide 1.5, double suicide, and Triangle laceration. And yet, I can do almost every master level trick on this site.

So my advice: If your stuck on something, you can just skip it and come back to it later, or you can just create a thread and ask for help on it. I think I speak on behalf of everyone on these forums when I say “We would love to help you out, thats why we’re here.”

I also caught that you were having trouble with “The Matrix.” This thread might help you if your having trouble with the “rolls”:,23040.msg231658.html#msg231658

Good luck, and just keep practicing!  :slight_smile: