The Matrix

I have been working on the Matrix trick for a while now.
I got all the moves right but my problem is that i cannot keep the yoyo stright, it does not tilt but it changes its direction with every extra double or nothing i do and i can’t figure out why?

Any how apart from that i need explanation please. I’d like to know how much did it take you guys to master this trick.


Break it down, step by step, until you find what is wrong.

I’m having trouble understanding your problem, though…

when i was learning this trick i had a simalar problem what i did was left out the little brain twister thing thats in between and just got to go repetitive double or nothings down and then added the little brain twister and i had it down perfect.

The problem is that I start straight the yoyo is parallel to the body. When I start doing the trick it starts moving away. I can not keep straight. Some one on the chat yesterday suggested that I don’t let the string touch the sides of the yoyo. He might be right but I feel that it it can’t be done without the touch.

As with most tricks, keep trying, keep practicing. Before I was able to complete the matrix, I spent hours just practicing trapeze, brother, double-or-nothing–back and forth, over and over. It took me a while to get the extra wrap around the NTH finger. Just keep going for it, you’ll get it!

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Sounds like a pretty common problem when learning just about any new trick that you’re not familiar with. The titling is usually caused by touching the side of the yoyo, but the more you practice the trick the cleaner and smoother it will get on its own. Like someone else suggested, its a good idea to take out the brain twister segment and just practice the trapeze to double or nothing and try to add the brain twister in later. Practicing tricks in parts is always the best way to go. Good luck! :wink:

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Plane shift is natural but counteracted by smoothness and speed.

when i did some chat yesterday here with someone he mentioned something like you said “the plane” from your sentence i see that “keeping the plain” means keeping the yoyo straight in the track right?

Anyhow thank you all for your replies, encouraging after getting little frustrated.

Is it normal or average to spend a week or two “an hour or so a day” on such a trick? if yes then i’ll be fine

Yes, it takes time. Some tricks you’ll pick up quickly, others will take longer. One like matrix is all about being smooth, so it takes longer to get it to the point where you can repeat it nicely.

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Looks like it is a rule in yoyoing that becoming good in a new tricks always comes suddenly and from being awful to being good.

not really.

When you first learn a trick, you usually don’t have it down smooth, the more you practice, the smoother it gets.