the matrix

hey i am having trouble getting the matrix if you can just give me some tips that would help alot just keep spinning ;D

Which part are you confused on?

Just do Double or nothing and roll over to trapeze and roll over between your arms like skin the gerbil.

Happy Throwing! =]

We need to know where you’re stuck. It’ll be easier. If you need help on the second roll, like many people, try it with just one roll first, then add in the second one.

I think that the first step of doing the matrix is being able to do a solid double or nothing. Make sure that you can get into double or nothings almost 90% of the time from a breakaway. After that, tell us where you’re stuck.

i am stuck on the rolls

Ah, the rolls. This part is a very critical point of the trick. It looks easy, but it doesn’t have to. A common problem in this part of the trick is that the yoyo tilts as a result of the roll. It’s not easy to phrase it well., but you have to roll straight. You have to keep the strings lined up with the gap throughout the roll.

Addment: Remember to bring the string over and around your non-throwhand pointer.

I can do the roll straight, but the yo-yo always hits my throw-hand arm.

ah i had the same problem. Its one of those things where there is no special technique to help you, only practice can help. But to practice it just do a braintwister then turn your body but keep your arms the same.

TMsoccer’s advice for practicing braintwister and turning it sideways is great (why didn’t I think of that :P). When it comes to turning the braintwister sideways or practicing the actual roll itself, you have to almost point your upper arm straight out in front of you and turn your forearm in at a 90 degree angle so it goes parallel to your chest. If that’s still not enough room, scoot your elbow straight to the side so your arm makes more of a > shape, just as long as that forearm stays parallel to your chest.

GIve the roll some pressure so it won’t hit you when it comes around.
Then roll off the trapeze you are in and double or nothing it up baby!