Stuck on the matrix

Well I am just beginning on my first advance trick and i am doing the matrix and I done every step very well(and very smooth too)but I’m stuck on the extra roll of the matrix and it drive me crazy and it wast alot off my time do you guys have any advice to help me done the extra roll smoothly.

Please tell me. If you know

What helped me get the Matrix smooth was when I started to learn Skin the Gerbil and the way Andre explaines how to do that flip. Try watching that video I think he explains it pretty well. It a very similar move.

What helped me get it was: as you are rolling out of double or nothing, start to wrap the string around you pointer finger [as the yoyo is rolling out back into trapeze]. Then, by time the double or nothing roll is done, you’ll already be ready for the second one. Hope that made sense… ;D

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practice it really slow step by step. I don’t do one of the steps properly, but it still looks great. I do an Oliver Twist in the middle instead of wrapping my finger.

Try this,

  1. Double or nothing
  2. Drop, roll
  3. Now, for the second roll, your basically moving the whole formation in a circle so nothing is changed. What you basically have is a triangle swinging around your NTH index. As the point (where the yoyo is) swings around, move your TH with it to rotate the whole triangle. This will end you up right to where you were before you did the second roll. Then continue the trick as you would normally.

Thx I finally master the matrix ;D