Help with the extra roll in Matrix, Zipper, etc.

Hey guys. I need help with that extra roll in the Matrix, Zipper, etc. first of all do you have to do the roll? So, when I do the roll, it either ends up with the strings crossed twice or, a triangle that has a double string on one side, like a slip knot. So help please, I’m doing exactly what Andre says, but it’s not working!

See if this helps.

For the 2nd roll, wrap the string outside. The side farther away from you – not between the yo yo and you.

Let us know how it works out.

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you don’t have to do the roll, but if you practice it you’ll get it right. Try doing it slow, wrap the string around the end of your finger and then roll the yoyo over your hand. Make sure you have a good straight throw, cheers!

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Sorry I haven’t been on to answer your replies, I’m studying for 9 weeks exams. Hilton, your idea was good, but it was really a way to get off trapeze, I might use it next time I yoyo :P. Thanks, for your replies guys, I guess I just gotta practice.

When I learned Matrix I just didn’t do that roll, now I can do it. It just takes practice like Formula said.

This is a great trick, very impressing, you should try it on your family.

Good luck!


Yeah I found that inserting the extra roll while I was learning Matrix slowed my progress, so I stopped doing it, then learned it seperately and added it back in :slight_smile:

Exactly! Isn’t so much easier that way? :wink:

Thanks guys i can do it now!

Good work!

Nice job!