Matrix rolls


Ok i am having a problem with the rolls on the Matrix. Whenever i do the second roll the yoyo always seems to not land in a trapeze or falls off the trapeze :-\


Are you bringing the string around your non-throw hand pointer finger before you do the roll?

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ok, look at it this way. After you dismount from a double or nothing, your in a trapeze. Then, you basically do a braintwister roll from the trapeze. Except, the roll is done by wrapping the string around you nth index, then rolling.


Heh,I always did a modified version where I just skipped the roll, because it slowed me down, and I wanted the matrix to be Speedy.Anyways…about the roll, take it slow and wrap the string around your non-throw hand index finger.Then roll, and continue as long as you want.




Hm, try keeping your non throw hand still. you just wrap the string around the index finger and then pull your throw hand away quickly. it should follow right around behind it.


Thanks, i was moving my nth pointer a little and that threw the whole thing off


Not a problem ;D


just skip the roll

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the question was not, “should i do the roll” the question is “how do i do the roll”


the trick is much better with it


ya your most likely letting go of one of the strings


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wrap the string around your index then roll :slight_smile: