The Matrix

(Weasel) #1

Hey guys, I need some help again. I can do the whole trick excluding the second roll you do from trapeze, the one where you wrap the string around the pointer finger and roll, going back into trapeze. Is there a tip or a secret to performing that part fast? When I get to that part, I take to long to do it because I need to put the string in a certain part of my finger, then I have to angle my body farther away so the roll is right and accurate. I just can’t do it fast.

(JM) #2

Instead of doing the entire trick, just go into trapeze and keep rolling it. It will take a lot of practice to get it very fast and smooth, but the more you do in a row the better. After each roll you will be right back into trapeze.


After you roll from double or nothing to trapeze, you roll once like a rollercoaster trick, then you repeat.

Happy Throwing! =]

(ThRoW-b0t) #4

After you wrap the string around your non-throwhand pointer, take your throw hand and move it to the front and down so that it is out of the way from the yoyo swinging. Try and keep your throw hand and the yoyo on opposite sides of each other when the yoyo is swinging so that your throwhand doesn’t get in the way.

(Weasel) #5

Yeah, I’m still unable to do it. I’ve been practicing that one roll and trying to do it fast. When I see video’s of people doing The Matrix I see that they wrap the string around their index finger midway through the first roll, before it even forms into a trapeze. For some reason I just can’t do it like them though, the movement of the yoyo manipulates the string so I can’t wrap it around my index finger in time, only when the yoyo is still in a trapeze.

(JM) #6

It just takes practice my friend, it sounds like you understand the form.

(Weasel) #7

Btw, during the tutorial video for The Matrix I saw Andre a few times perform the second roll without wrapping the string on his index finger, like he just kept the swinging motion that he used to get off of Double or Nothing for another roll. Any ideas on that?

(JM) #8

He does it, it takes a while to get to a point where you can do it that way.

(Weasel) #9

I see. If it’s possible, do you think you can describe to me how he does it like that? Perhaps it might be easier. I don’t seem to be making any progress right now trying to wrap the string around my index finger, as I’ve been practicing this trick for countless hours now and still no go.


Here’s some tips that helped me accidentally do matrix

  1. I did Skin the Gerbil first. For me the movement felt more “right”

  2. When rolling, try and make your arm that does the roll into an L shape so you can wrap the string but give the yo-yo room when rolling so while rolling it will look like this

| |
| |
3. Try rolling the yo-yo 4 times in a row. It might help you understand how your arms should move.

(Weasel) #11

Ok, so, just to make sure, the lines on the right represent the left arm and the lines on the right represent the right arm?


Yes, if you’re right-handed. If you’re left you’re on your own.

(Weasel) #13

Alright, the tip with making an L so it can be easier to wrap made it easier, so I can do the whole trick now. Now the only thing I have to work on is getting it to spin longer so I’m not rushed. I guess longer spin times come naturally over time. Thanks for all the tips guys, it made me slightly progress more and more into the trick, and I finally got it.

Edit: Alright, one more slight problem. I can complete the second roll now, but when it happens it doesn’t roll the exact same direction of the first, it kind of goes diagonal a bit. Any tips for that?

                                    More threads for help coming soon!


Mmmm I haven’t been able to figure that quirk out. I guess the best way to solve it may be to just roll the same way consistently.

(Weasel) #15

Alright, it’s not that much of a big deal anyway. Thanks for everything btw, I’ll be counting on you if I need any more help on something XD


dude i totally feel for u i am havin the same problem i can do the whole trick except the role if u ever find a trick or a secret for how to do it plz tell me ty

(Weasel) #17

What helped me is the advice kevlar gave me, when the first roll is finishing, quickly make an L with your throw hand and wrap it around your left hand’s index quickly while still giving the yoyo room to swing. It’s tricky, and the yoyo hits me a few times so the motion should feel awkward, but you should still end in a trapeze.


Did you end up jumping ahead to learn Skin the Gerbil first? And did it help? I’m having trouble with the same thing as you (including the lousy spin times with my DM)

(Weasel) #19

No, I didn’t. I just kept practicing the L shape maneuver. I know what you mean, I have a very lousy spin time with my DM too, 45 seconds.