The Matrix Help

Please help and give me some pointers on how to do the matrix it’s a bit confusing thanks


1)Double or nothing
2)Dismount like Andre teaches in double or nothing
3)Wrap string from throwhand around NTH index
4)Roll into trapeze
5)Pop yoyo to right and mount in double or nothing

Try to separate your two strings on your left pointer (assuming your a Right-y, after all 1:10 people in the world are left handed, I even used to be a lefty! :wink: ). Also, take it slow on your first rep and as soon as you think you’ve got it, go a bit faster, and by your third rep, go a tad bit faster. It adds a nice effect once you master it. The second wrap can be a little hard at first, practice that from a front style brain twister mount. It makes it much easier.

Just ask if you need any more help!

Also look at multiple tutorials. André does a smooth and subtle wrap around his throwhand forefinger, whereas other tutorials show passing your entire throwhand around the non-throwhand pointer.

I find the big obvious “pass around” is the easiest way to do the trick, and you can learn the subtle forefinger loop-around later.

Thanks guys I’ll try it out!