I’ve got Matrix down except for that 2nd roll after dropping out of double or nothing. I can do it repeatedly and flow with a single roll and I know how to do the roll (ferris wheel?) all by itself but I can’t seem to put the two together unless I more or less come to a stop to do the 2nd roll. Even when watching Andre in the tutorial vid, I can’t even see when he does that wrap around the non-throw finger for the 2nd roll once he gets going and performing the trick. Any tips or suggestions? At what point in the 1st roll do you do the wrap around for the 2nd roll?

You do the wrap for the second roll right after the first roll, so you have to get prepared before you do the first roll in order to do the wrap swiftly so that you can ‘flow’ to the second roll smoothly.

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Alot of this is a matter of practice. You have both the ideas separately, which is really good! Personally, I do the wrap right before the first roll finishes.

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Like Andre says in the tut to take your throw hand and wrap around your non throw finger… I never find myself doing that… Instead as the first roll is ending I curl my non throw pointer in twards myself right about when the yoyo is at the 9 o’clock position and catch the string connected to your throw hand to create another loop for the second roll

Unfortunately I don’t have a camera to demonstrate but I hop I was descriptive enough to help


So you worm the finger of the non-throw hand around the string going to the throw hand to make the loop for the 2nd roll instead of looping the string around the non-throw finger with the throw hand? i.e. the throw hand is taken out of the equation of making the loop for the 2nd roll?

Yup… I just have my non throw pointer wrap around the string instead of taking my throw hand and wrapping the string around m finger … It’s easier and feel and looks smoother

okay so on the topic of the matrix I do get the drop out from double or nothing could some one please explain it to me?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking what it means to drop out of double-or-nothing? If so, by dropping out of double-or-nothing I mean that I drop the strings on my throw hand finger. (Just before doing the roll(s). I still can’t seem to get that 2nd roll in yet.)

What I do is I turn toward the yoyo and turn it into a frontstyle for that roll, and then turn back into a sidestyle.