This roll is killing me...

(XxFlyingSquirrelxX) #1

OK so when you do the Matrix and after you roll once out of Double or Nothing and then you add that extra roll is where i always had trouble. So i never added it in because i couldn’t get that extra roll well now that i am learning Skin the Gerbil it has come back to haunt me… So please help me figure out this wrap around your finger and roll again thing please? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Look at this vid!

(JayVee) #3

First, what exactly happens when you try to add the second roll? Does the yo-yo die out on you, or snags and binds back to your hand?

Try this: before rolling out of the Double-or-Nothing, wrap the string around your nonthrowhand pointer finger. So instead of wrapping it around after you roll, you wrap it around before you roll. This helped me a lot, and it also makes the trick flashier in my opinion.


Take your throw hand and wrap the string around your non-throw hands index finger when your in a trapeeze and flip the yoyo as if it were a farris-wheel dismount.


do it slowly first, just wrap the string around your finger and then roll. If you could get that, then try doing it more smoothly, Parctice ;D


If the yo-yo hits your right arm during the roll, then what I’ve done to remedy that problem was make my right arm into an L shape to give the largest space as possible to allow the yo-yo to go through smoothly.