I get in to double or nothing, drop out of it, roll out but i cant get the extra roll. its almost like hes teaching it differently than how he shows it. any help?

The extra roll comes as you wrap the string on your throw hand around the finger already holding the string on your non-throw hand. Andre breaks it down well in the video but it’s very smooth and not too noticeable once he speeds the trick up. Does that help?

When I was first working on that trick I thought the same thing, he says to put in that extra roll, but he’s not doing it. But he is, it’s just so smooth and slick it gets right by you. I’m not smooth and slick, I’m clumsy and rough.

Once you successfully get that extra roll in there, do it again. And then again. Just keep doing it over and over again and again. Once you start get bored and tired of the trick is when you know you are beginning to get the hang of it.

I’m still not tired of it, so…

actually i know matrix so when you drop the string but what i do is roll it out until im in a trapeze

Not to be a jerk, cuz I know you just signed up, but the search function really does work. And with something like “The Matrix”, you’d find that this exact question has been posted innumerable times. In fact, someone posted this question yesterday, and Studio42 kindly posted a reply with a RethinkYoyo video, to help clarify the trick. Check it out, it really is a good supplemental tutorial. Keep at it, you’ll be doing it in no time!