help with the second roll in matrix

I’m trying to figure out how this is done, in andre’s video he does the second roll with bringing his arm around at all, it’s like he puts an extra wrap around his finger by magic (no dark magic pun intended) can anyone explain how this done?

ok when you drop and its hangin from your finger roll and as its rolling bring ur th string around ur finger

It’s the same if you are in a regular trapeze and your take your throw hand and wrap the string around your NTH finger once, do a roll and you are back in trapeze.

Andre just does the wrap so fluid and smooth it’s hard to catch. I had to go back and watch him do it several times before i realized how he did it.

Hey, I made a video. All I can say would be in the last 2 posts.

well alright…I guess its just that andre makes everything look hella easy

yea the way André does things is not always the EXACT way he explains it (see kwijibo’s 1st pop for example), and his smoothness makes it so, when you do the trick, it might look totally different.

but his instructions are amongst the best you can find out there, for 1A at least

Kyle could help you with this fancy repeater

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Not too hate on Andre, but I think for a lot of the tricks, now there are better tutorials.
Like Hadog said I had trouble with what he was saying not matching what he was doing.
And I found he overcomplicated simple tricks(Mach5).
I also imagine he donated ALL of his time to make those vids, so it really is wrong to take anything from Andre, they are good vids for the time, and era, and he will always enjoy a spot of repute among yo’rs(I hope).
I just find the slow speed cameras, and multiple angles appeal to me more, OneDrop tutorials(Brett from HighSpeedYoyo), GRAWR, and ReThink are my goto sites.
Now the second roll in Matrix is simply a somersault is it not ?
As already suggested just go to Re-Think Kyles Tutorial is excellent(Chek out his ‘Ferris Wheel’ tutorial as well, it is the same movement I believe).


look at the 2nd triangle in and whut. now THAT is bad explaining. I mean, i love andres vids, but still

In Kyle’s video he’s crossing his hands each time he does the roll. If you slow down Andre’s video, you’ll notice that he crosses his hands only the first two times, after that he adds the second roll in some other way that i also can’t understand.

When he dismounts from double or nothing, at the same time he puts his hands together and when he starts the rolls he already have the string twice around his index. But his hands never cross each other.

Any explanation on this?

It is a bit tough to explain, but here it goes:

When you have a good amount of momentum on the yoyo from the first roll, the string kind of tends to automatically rewind itself, it just needs a bit of a push. As such, all you really need to do is push your throw hand forward a little bit, and turn your throw hand so you get a little bit more slack going to the yoyo. It should, in a way, keep the string rolling. I suggest that you do the trick the way Andre shows it, because once you have the really big, ugly, exaggerated roll down, a little practice will get you a better understanding of what motion is really necessary until you get the smooth fast roll, that’s how I figured out the easy way to roll it.