Matrix second roll

( i know questions about the roll have been posted before, but none of them have to do with the specification im asking about)
when Andre does the second roll he explains to move your throwhand over your free hand to roll it a second time. then he does the trick smoothly a couple times…without noticeably moving his throw hand over the free hand. is Andre just Flash’s Secret identity or am i missing something?

Just keep wrapping your throwhand and over your non-throwhand until you get Matrix as if it’s second nature.

Then, if you want, instead of wrapping your throwhand around, you just twist your non-throwhand index finger in and then let the yo-yo go around. I’ll explain better/make a video if you want, but yeah. That’s how Andre does it.

PRactice, lots of practice. And turn your body towards the yoyo a bit when doing the wrap around your finger to ferris wheel the yoyo to “fling it” back into the double or nothing. I can’t do it smoothly. It’s not for lack of practice. I still work on it a bit every day. Many days I’ll just skip that extra loop.

i would really appreciate it if you could make a video of some kind, because I dont exactly understand how to twist the index finger in, so that it may go around.

It may just be that’s moves both his hands in a way that makes it appear his hand doesn’t go over. The main thing is that you have got to move your hand far enough to get another wrap around your wrist/finger.

I uploaded a video to my tutorials page answering this question.


I always thought André looked like Flash…

I actually had this exact question and you answered it perfectly. As always, your tutorials are top notch.
Time to practice! ;D

Thank You!

Sweet, got it down fast thanks to your vid. Any chance I could request a tut? There’s a figure 8 trick Jason Lee does that’s really awesome looking. I made a thread about it cause I haven’t been able to find a good explenation, that and I’m not very good yet so I couldn’t figure it out from watching it??? If you find the time I’d like to see it!

Send me a PM with the link and I’ll see what I can do.

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