Matrix move help

In the tutorials I’ve seen people show how to put the string around your nth finger before going back into double or nothing but in the Andre tut here he only does that part of the time during the video. What is he doing to make it look so smooth? I’m doing the trick well but want it to look better and can’t figure out how he’s doing it.

You mean after the DoN is dropped? I like to do it the “traditional” way and pass my throwhand over the NTH forefinger and then do the flip. However, some people like to do this move where you curl the forefinger in. There’s a Monkeyfinger tutorial showing this method.

It might be that in the video you’re watching, he’s doing the forefinger move.

I’m pretty sure I learned it from here, though, and I don’t recall Andre doing the forefinger move…?

Ok. Thank you. Yes that’s what he’s doing in parts of it but like you said does the traditional way too. Ill search for monkey fingers tut.

Found MFD tut and he does it but not very clear and am still not seeing what to do. Will post time of Andre’s tut that am talking about.

The sequence that starts at 1:27. He does it a couple of other times as well but if skip to 1:27 its clear enough that he isn’t pulling his throw hand over the non throw hand.

Try watching yotricks tutorials.

Oops didnt mean to hit thank you.

He doesn’t do what Andre is doing in his matrix tut on yotricks either but does add a different type of loop element in it. The finger roll over the non throw hand is what I want to eliminate from the entire trick. It just flows so well the way Andre does it.

He’s still doing it; you can’t do that double flip without it! However, I see what you mean… he teaches it the way I do it during breakdowns, but then when he’s executing, it’s so subtle. It LOOKS like he’s either doing the MFD thing or is sort of doing it a bit in advance; the yotricks guy does it during the flip (which is how I also do it). I really like the way it looks with the throwhand passing in front of the NTH, so I’ll be very little help to you… to me it carries more visual appeal, but obviously mileage varies!

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I’ll take a crack at it too Midlifeyoyoman. Part of the “smoothness” you notice in Andre’s version of the trick, that you don’t see elsewhere, has a lot to do with “him” specifically. He has a smoothness and fluidity in his style that I have not ever seen elsewhere. Part of what you are seeing is the combination of his speed and fluidity as he does the trick. That gives it such a great and smooth look.

I believe that Andre is doing what the MFD guy is doing to execute the flips in the sequence that starts at 1:27. I believe the only difference is that he is doing it in a different place on the string…a lot closer to his NTH than that MFD guy. The MFD guy, while showing you on the video, wraps his finger about the center of his body. Andre, does the same, but closer to his left hip area.

Another thing to make note of is that Andre has the perfect yo-yo hands, in my opinion. They are large hands, and he has very long digits. I think this enables him to effortlessly use his index finger to curl under and flip the yo-yo in such a way that you can hardly capture it on the video. I have shorter fingers, so it would be far more obvious if I made that move. Someone with long strong fingers can execute that move effortlessly, especially if they’ve had a ton of practice. For example, during the “zipper” Andre uses his thumb in a part of the trick that does not work for me. It works for him very well because of his long thumb. I was thinking “if my thumb was that long…that would be easier.” So, I alternate index/middle fingers for that trick.

I do the Matrix trick both ways, and mix it up maybe alternating each time the trick is done. But, with plenty of practice, I think anyone can get the trick smooth. Practice and it will come to you. Oh, I forgot. I’ll do a text breakdown of the index finger move, presuming you are right handed. Sometimes video is not clear because we are watching in a position like looking into a mirror. We will consider the side of the string closest to your body the “inside” and the side of the string farthest away from your body the “outside.”

  1. While in trapeze position;
  2. Bring your NTH index finger on the outside of the string;
  3. Curl that index finger around the string to grab it;
  4. Flip the yo-yo over to your left to get back in trapeze position.

My advice to get this better is:
Practice…practice…practice. I did my best here. Good luck with the Matrix. It’s a great trick. :slight_smile:

Thanks TA as some people either don’t see what I’m talking about I guess. I have extra long hands too but they aren’t connected to the movements/yoyo just yet. I can do it pretty fast but it looks like the guy on yotricks where the yoyo flys to the side before getting back into double or nothing. The way Andre does it is so circular (best adjective I guess) with that finger move. I know a lot of it is style too but gotta get that move lol. I think my style is dry and concentrated. My wife videoed me for first time on skin the gerbil yesterday and I look extremely focused which doesnt make for a good flowing style lol.

Will see if can get it down. I really need videos to learn for some reason. My wife doesn’t see how I can watch a video a few times and then repeat it so quickly. Says its my artistic side but that’s pretty much only way I can learn quickly. When I watched Andre back a month ago I noticed he wasn’t doing it like his tut explained and pretty much had to follow yotricks because of Andre’s variation in the vid. Slow motion videos are the best. I love breaking down everyone’s binds. Have been trying to copy them yesterday and pretty much learned 4 way better binds than what I was using. No matter how many times I pause andres vid I can’t see what he’s doing.

Got it down. Thanks all!

So what was the solution. I have been wondering about this as well. Is it the MFD thing?

Found it.

also available here:

Yep. He does it pretty similar but like TA said, in a different location.

Yup, but seeing how he does it at MFD makes it easier to figure out what Andre is doing.

Oh yea. I had it down smooth throughout repeating 4 times within minutes once I got it the first time. I can repeat matrix 4 times and save seconds off the trick this way. I try to do repeaters 4 times instead of three just to give me that extra bit of confidence. My wife says it looks a lot better than the other way when I do it. I am rather smooth with the standard way so once it get this other way even smoother it will be a major improvement. Ill never make it look as good as Andre but its a step closer lol.

Yeah, I got the MFD way down last night. Most of the time I am landing them fine. Every now and then I am tilting the throw. I’ll keep working on smoothing that out.