ok i can do everything with the trick except when u wrap the string around your finger i can never get it i have a dark magic if u think it would be helpful plz send a vid

you mean the double or nothing? or the thing after it?

the thing after when u have to wrap the string around your index finger

that doesn’t help. please supply more information.

It does help. He’s referring to the Ferris Wheel, I’m pretty sure.

This is a tricky move. What you have to mostly do is use your freehand to swing the yoyo upwards in the direction of your throwhand (counter-clockwise if you’re right handed) and let it come up and around. It’s all about momentum.

no im talkin about how when u start out in a double or nothin then go to trapeze then u go back into a double or nothin then back into a trapeze then u wrap the string around your finger an flip it an back into a trapeze i cant do the part were u wrap it around your finger

The Matrix is the trick I’m currently “On” (got all the basics and intermediate down) and I think I know the part you are talking about. It has been my experience so far that the string wrap needs to go on the front of your finger. Initially my string wrap was going either over the string on my finger or sitting before it (closer to the base of my finger). It needs to sit outside the string that is wrapped around your finger, and the roll is actually happening inside of your arms.

I have a separate problem than you, my double or nothing is not consistent, i feel like my fingers are too short. My other problem is I must be too weak because no matter how smooth I am, my DM runs out of juice too quickly. I’ll keep at it though!

xdohl is right you dont use the string to pull the yoyo around use swing it up and over your freehand, to undo the wrap and it rolls out to a trapeze.

But if by chance you mean that you cant add the wrap smooth in the trick its just practice.

If you dont know how, throw a trapeze, bring your hands together but make sure hands arent even. (throwhand higher than nonthrowhand) wrap throwhand around nonthrowhand and swing yoyo around and roll out into a trapeze.

Hope this helps!