Stuck on the Matrix - Need advice


I am stuck at the matrix trick. Not that i didn’t get the moves. i did and you can say i do everything right except that i cant keep the yoyo straight. it shifts from the track or get off the plain changing the direction. I get correct sometimes but i can’t figure out wher i go wrong or what mostly make it do so.

I have left it where it is and moved on to the Rewind and got it much faster in fact. it took me only couple of days to get all together lets say 70% perfect. :slight_smile:

I beleive one of my weaknesses is that i don’t always get a straight break away, I go on knowing that i will get better on this with practice and it should not stop me from moving on with tricks, Am i correct in this regard? what do you suggest?

what advices could you offer me in regard with the matrix? it gives me headache and make feel disappointed sometimes.

I know practice makes perfect , but practice without knowing the mistakes is just as bad as not to.

experts whom seen lots of common mistakes I need your Advice please.


Ok , easy advice : Move with the yoyo , try to made yourself in sync with the yoyo and move with it .

Or do it slowly at 1st then medium speed at 2nd then do it fast


I’m no expert :-\ But I was just working with this trick and I’ve gotten pretty fluent with it! If you can land everything and your throw is the issue, then you may have to practice your breakaway.

Also, I’ve found that the tighter you hold the string the more it tilts. If that’s the issue, then try and give some slack to your string, almost like you’re letting the yoyo sit on it.

Depending on the yoyo your using, perhaps your string is near one side of the yoyo. My Duncan Ooch-Yo that I practice all my tricks on has a tendency to lean to one side with a flat bearing in it.


A problem that you could have is the breakaway. If you don’t get that right, the yoyo starts to curve right away. You would notice at the beginning, though, if the breakaway was the problem. If not, here is what happens. When you have the yoyo in any form of a trapeze if one of the strings moves off center, or at an angle, the friction that the string gives when it hits one side of the yoyo causes it to tilt. This will go away with practice, however, you can also use this to your advantage and purposely curve it if it gets off-balance. Either way it will take practice.
Keep your spin, Bro