The Matrix

I’m having trouble with the second flip in the trick. Seems like every time I get it my throw starts to tilt on me. Anyone got some advice???

Throw harder. Tilting occurs frequently once the yoyo starts spinning at lower RPM’s. Not sure what you are doing to make it tilt. A video or clip may help me help you.

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Oh my bad I didn’t realize I was user general.

When your flipping your hands aren’t lined up with the yoyo. Just practice this move from a trapeze. You’ll get it.

 Okay, first of all, what yoyo are you using?  Usually if it's a lighter yoyo then it will be slightly harder as the weight helps stabilize the yoyo and lets you do longer tricks and doesn't flow around too much.  If you are using the same responsive yoyo you used to do your beginner tricks then I would definitely recommend that you buy a new unrespnsive one, learn how to bind and make tricks easier as you go up the trick list.
 If you are using a decent weighted yoyo or have bought a new one, then now work on the technique.  Make sure, as other people have said, you get a really strong throw then try the trick matrix.
 If you still have the same problem, then try to make sure that your throw hand is in line with your yoyo so that it doesn't tilt over.  Start by throwing a trapeze like you normally would and try and see (or ask someone else) if your hand is in line with your yoyo (sometimes the yoyo starts to tilt over at the start and gradually dies out).
 Make sure it is if it isn't and for the next step, try and practice the second roll in the matrix just from a trapeze and also, make sure it is in line and at the same time, fluent.
 Once you have perfected this motion, try the matrix by starting off with a double or nothing (the normal way) and do the trick.  If the problem is fixed, then well done but if the same problem occurs, start off the trick and see if the yoyo is in line or not when you have finished you first roll.  Practice getting into double or nothing and doing the first roll into trapeze until you have perfected it (or at least close to it).
 Next, put the whole thing together, without repeating it and see if it is a success.  If not, then just practice it until you get, breaking the trick down and perfecting the bit where the trick goes wrong.
 That's all I have to say so just practice because it makes perfect and I hope this helped  ;D

Are you talking about where you get it to go for a second revolution by manually wrapping the string around your non throwhand finger?

If so, just standard old practice will take care of it. At first, that wrap is really, really labored and wonky. You really have to make it a point to get the string over there and put it over your finger, and then throw the yoyo around one more time. Doing it that way invariable causes the yoyo to swing off axis because you’re really forcing it around there.

But, you’ll notice when Andre does it in the tutorials here, it almost looks like he doesn’t even do the move at all. He’s not doing anything special, he’s just that slick with it, and that’s how you’ll get. And when you get it that way, the problem will take care of itself.

Do this separately, and just practice lining your hands up with the string.

Video showing the canonical way of doing it as well as a subtler sneakier way of doing it:

I don’t think the subtler way will necessarily get the yoyo to “line up” better, but the video as a whole shows what’s happening during that second flip and gives you an option.

It’s weird to me man. I’ve talked to you on different posts on the forums, and I’ve seen some of your Youtube videos but I never knew it was you. Kind of cool I think.

That WOULD be cool, but no, that’s not me. I’m not in the same league as Jeremy from MFD. I’m still a relatively poor player who is thrilled to land Spirit Bomb.